Best Alienware Area 51 Desktop December 2017

Alienware is famous desktop manufacturer that produce laptop with unique design. Besides its attractive looking, the specification of hardware used in it is also powerful. Both RAM and graphics added inside it allows its users to play game with it. Due to the impressive specification, the computer desktop is able to run game with higher requirements. Moreover, the performance for gaming purpose is also flawless. Besides fulfilling gaming needs, the computer desktop is also able to process any office tasks as well. Alienware Area 51 Desktop is the best series that you can use. Here is the list of five computer desktops on its series.

Series of Alienware Area 51 Desktop

Dell Alienware Area 51 Desktop Gaming Machine

Dell Alienware Area 51 Desktop Gaming MachineAt the first sight, you might notice that it has futuristic design. The futuristic design is not only showing its modern exterior, but also its high quality hardware specification. As the name suggest, Alienware Area 51 Gaming Machine is design for gaming purposes. No wonder that the hardware used for it is compatible for high quality gaming requirements. This gaming desktop relies on 3.8 GHz of Intel Core i7-5280K Haswell-E processor as the brain. This processor supported by impressively 32 GB is able to run any of users’ favorite games smoothly. The RAM is equipped with Dual Channel DDR4.

In order to improve users gaming experience, this model uses Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan graphics card. This graphics card enhance viewing angle significantly. As for the hard drive, 20 TB of memory is allocated so that its users can store any plenty of files. The hard drive consists of 2 TB of SATA technology and 18 GB of Solid State Drive. Meanwhile, the software installed as operating system is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. The package includes mouse and hardware in the same technology as well. The price might be pricy. However, it will worth the impressive technology used for its hardware.

Alienware a51R2-1766SLV VR Area 51 Desktop

Alienware a51R2-1766SLV VR Area 51 DesktopYou can see how powerful a desktop computer from the specification it uses. One of the series from Alienware Area 51 Desktop products that uses powerful hardware is a51R2-1766SLV. This series incorporates 3.3GHz of Intel Hexa Core i7-5820K as the main processor. If you want to play game with this desktop, you can get the best gaming experience since it uses 16 GB of RAM with DDRR4 technology. The best feature of this RAM is that it is upgradable up to 32 GB. That is generous memory for a gaming laptop considering most game these days requires high RAM memory.

For gaming purposes, it is also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 VR Capable graphics card. It can work together with RAM memory available to produce reliable gaming performance. For you who want to use it for completing your office task, this product is using large space of hard drive. Up to 1 TB of HDD is provided in this series. The hard drive comes with additional 128 GB of SSD storage. Such spacious storage allows you to store your files.


Alienware Area 51 Tower Desktop a51R2-8235SLV

Alienware Area 51 Tower Desktop a51R2-8235SLVFor people who need desktop with reliable performance, you are recommended to use Alienwere Area 51 a51R2-8235SLV Tower Desktop. The specific reason why you need to use this series is due to its impressive specification. The RAM memory provided is 16 GB. This RAM uses DDR4 technology that allows you to have fast performance. Moreover, the hard drive capacity on this series is up to 2 TB. Additional 128 GB capacity of SSD storage is also included so that you can store plenty files. You cannot get any other desktop specification better than this one.

When it comes for high quality hardware specification, the first thing you need to pay attention is the processor. In order to give responsive performance, this Alienware desktop uses 3.3 GHz of Intel Hexa Core i7-5820K. With such core, you can run almost any software without any problems. Besides software, you can play your favorite game with this desktop computer as well. For gaming, the product incorporates the best gaming card that you can get for gaming computer. NVIDIA GTX 980 4GB GDDR5 graphics card will ensure that you will not experience lag when playing your favorite game.


Alienware Area 51 Desktop for Gaming (Core i7-5820K)

Alienware Area 51 Desktop for Gaming (Core i7-5820K)You can always expect impressive specification of hardware used by Dell Alienware. The Alienware Area 51 is a gaming series with serious hardware specification. Before you judge the quality of this product, you need to know what is inside it. For processor, the series uses 3.8 GHz of Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E. The processor itself is equipped with six cores and 15 MB of cache. To make the users feel comfortable using the product, it already installed Genuine Windows 7 Professional. Although some people say that the operating system is outdated, it can be upgraded to the last version.

Covered beneath its futuristic design, DELL Alienware Area 51 Gaming Machine also incorporates top quality hardware for gaming purposes. The RAM memory allocated in this gaming desktop is up to 16 GB. This RAM memory is obviously able to handle any game with high specification requirements. Moreover, the RAM is supported by dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card. This graphics card is intentionally added to ensure the gaming experience you will get. Moreover, up to 2 TB of hard drive is added as well. The hard drive also comes with SATA III and Solid State Drive technology.


Alienware a51R2 1471SLV Capable Desktop

Alienware a51R2 1471SLV Capable DesktopTwo of the best specification that is always considered when choosing desktop computer are its processor and RAM. Those hardware specifications will determine whether your computer will run any program smoothly or not. Fortunately, Alienware a51R2 1471SLV incorporates the best processor. It uses 3.3 GHz of Intel Hexa Core i7-5820K to give maximum performance. With six cores working together simultaneously, you can ensure that it will be able to run any program smoothly. In addition to this powerful processor, 8 GB of RAM with DDR4 technology is also equipped as well. Combination of those hardware specifications is qualified for gaming with highest specification.

The other important hardware for gaming purposes is graphics card. If you want to play your favorite game smoothly, your desktop needs to be using powerful graphics card. The graphics card equipped in this series is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980. It features 4 GB of GDDR5 technology as well. As a product with futuristic design, this product uses latest version of Windows 10 operating system. This operating system is famous due to its user-friendly features.


The list above is not only showing you options for desktop computer, but also the specification it has. As you already know, Alienware Area 51 Desktop products incorporate the best hardware. The specification of hardware equipped inside those products is not only suitable for completing office tasks, but also for gaming purposes. It is important since most of the popular game requires high hardware specification.

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