Amazon Echo Review – The best Home Assistant And Great Way For Playing Music

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo is more than just a Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes I don’t even use it for listening music, but I rather use it as the home assistant. The biggest selling point for this thing is located on the voice command. There is no limitation that you can do because there are thousands commands are available to try. The product is designed to be answer of your every needs including reading the news, asking for the weather report, adjusting the temperature, and even controlling of your every system. I have reviewed of its little brother “Amazon Tap” if you are looking the cheaper version of it. But if you want to spend more, you could get this thing as the performance and features are improved. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

Setup And Core Function

The setup is pretty simple thing to do here. on the top of the gadget there is a ring button that works as the mute and action buttons. Press this button and it would ask the thing to do. The LED lights would show if the Alexa is listening or on the mute mode. The only thing that you have to do to make it better is downloading the app. One you download it, everything is only depended on your voice. There is an option to adjust the volume on it, but installing the Alexa app is needed for better control options. You could leave it if you don’t want it.

Amazon Echo Review 2

Echo is probably the best home assistant and great way for playing music. Alexa is capable on learning every word that you are spoken. The AI function is really depended here and it works so great until now. Read the news, soccer score, or playing music become never feel as easy as before. This success probably would lead the third party developer to develop more functions to it. You can expect more of functionalities on the future as the development is rapidly boosted. By the way, the AI is working great during of my test. It is capable on listening of my every word without some big mistakes. It also has a machine learning that will remember everything that you have spoken.

The AI is always be an AI, they often making mistakes sometimes. Changing of your tone voice sometimes making it confuse to do of your command. They keep asking for any command even I already spoke the words. Well you might have to steady of your voice while using it. The overall experience is still great and worth enough to try.

Amazon Echo Main Specifications
Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Manufactures: Amazon
Product Dimension: 3.3 x 3.3 x 9.3 inches


Features And Sound

The music is not only thing that is available here. There are more of them that you can do on its amazing command voice. Getting the weather and location are my favorite things to do. You might have to link several account to do some commands, but the setup is still pretty simple. One thing that i don’t like is the missing of screen on it. I still need to use of my smartphone sometimes, but they might give us an enhance version of it.

The sound performance is great. The flexibility with many apps streaming is working well, but the only default integrated service is the Amazon Music. You probably need to change it later. Now what I need to focus is sound quality. The quality is not appeared to be great and it has some trouble on producing the depth bass. The speaker is loud and it doesn’t too shaking on the highest volume. My suggestion is don’t expect any great quality because you will be disappointed. The performance is still acceptable and you get the voice command as the best way to eliminate its cons.

Alexa’s voice command is so helpful. The sounds need improvement.
Compact and lightweight design. Some apps needed for extra functionality.
The battery life is great. -



Echo is more than just a normal Bluetooth speaker. If you are looking an audio gadget only for playing music, then you need to find other one because there would be so much better choice. But if you are looking one with much great functionality, then you need to only place your choice here. This product really shows how great the voice assistant is working in our daily life. For me I am really helpful by that thing. You really need to check it before moving your choice to another competitor. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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