Anker SoundCore Sport XL Review

Anker SoundCore Sport XL Review

With the booming of Bluetooth speaker trend, Anker is trying to provide us different product with so many unique features. The audio gadget is designed for an outdoor activity and might be so suitable for people who love to do traveling. One of its difference is the sturdiness even though the weight is no too light. But the waterproof protection is capable on preventing some serious damage from water leaking. Now you can listen many of your sweet songs in many outdoor activities. The price is also cheap and all of people will easily afford it. . To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

Extremely Rugged Design Great And Battery Life

The smooth rubber exterior covering the outside body is so good. It gives a better look that makes it feel so modern. They actually not designed that thing for only as exterior, but also it used as the resist any damaging from shock. You don’t feel to worry of breaking because the design is very well made and rugged. There is also IP67 waterproof certified for 1 meter protection from water leaking and dust. Its sturdy and doesn’t leave any fingerprint when you touch it. The style is designed to withstand outdoor activities and that’s what a people like me need. You might not want to always hold it since the weight is not easy to hold and you probably need to strap it on your backpack.

Anker SoundCore Sport XL Review 2

The company really knows that the audio gadget is not easily to be held, so they put an attachable wristband. One thing that I need to stress is the playback buttons. The buttons is really simple, but they place it effectively. All of them are easily to reach with any point. You could find Bluetooth button, power button, and volume button at the top of it. all of these buttons are having a double functions as the answer or reject control for any call. It features a built in micro phone and active noise cancellation to make sure that you don’t need to hold your smartphone during of your music entertainment. There is also and LED light that will show you if the speaker is connected or it also show us if its need to be charged. The feature is simple, but it really worth for serious occasional situation.

The battery life time is probably similar like you could find on most products on the market. You need three hours to fully charge it and you are able to stream any music for more than 15 hours. Well, it is quite surprising where many products are only giving us around 10 hours of playback. This is good news for audiophile that love to do some pool or beach party.

Anker SoundCore Sport XL Main Specifications
Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Manufactures: Anker
Product Dimension: 6.9 x 1.7 x 3.2 inches


Sound Performance And Connectivity

There are two 8 watt stereo drives packed on the inside. The Bluetooth speaker also features with dual passive subwoofer to enhance of its bass. The smaller room and outdoor would be fit perfectly, but you might need to find other one for bigger room. The smaller room would be easily filled by it’s, but it doesn’t happen with bigger room. I found that the sounds it is produced is little v shaped. It still giving a nice depth vocal and the overall performance is good. Just don’t expect huge performance with the price tag.

The playback connectivity range is actually pretty limited. You probably only get the maximum range for around 35 feet, the audio would be cut off if use it more than it. Luckily the Anker is easy to control, with only few taps we could easily change the music that we want. It only lacks on the fast forwarding and choosing previous track. You might see some of limitation, but you could not making any complain since the price is so cheap.

Shock Resistant. The sounds are thin on some genre.
Great for outdoor activity. Suitable if you don’t need a robust player.
Dynamic stereo. -



If you don’t need a robust player for your outdoor activity, then this one is perfect for you. You could easily afford it since price would never break of our pocket. I see the point where we cannot expect greatly on it, but hey the performance is still good and doesn’t feel too bad. I actually love the rugged design because it is so sturdy. The company has successful again on providing good choice for their consumers. Don’t judge it too soon because you really need to try it. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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