Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

It’s really funny how someone can spend so much their money on computer furniture. Many people prefer to use their old station rather than buying new expensive one. I think lot of us of the same opinion about it. I have that opinion a few years ago, but after seeing how fast the development of desktop furniture I think I should consider buying a new one to suit my needs. I browsed the internet and trying to find a good computer table for me. It’s that when I found this unique desktop station. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk It’s one of the latest products from Arozzi. They didn’t only bring us a very comfortable of desktop station, but also they give us a cloth mouse surface which is really rarely on these kinds of products and for me this nice feature is good for it’s competitive price. So in this review we are going to discuss about the further detail about this product.

Design and Features

The station itself comes with a pretty nice design. If we compare it with our previous gaming desk review.  We surprised that this station is fairly large for a type of simple computer space. The desk itself has a measure at 63 inches by 32.28 inches. I cannot say much about this measure because for me it is still normal and good enough for me. On the top of this table there is a curved front which is giving you a very nice 13.5 surface mouse for a better enjoyable experience. This flat surface was designed and covered by cloth mouse surface which is really good and pretty comfortable for me. You don’t need to spend of your extra money on mouse surface if buy this nice product. The surface itself is so solid in our test. This solid furniture can easily hold 3 monitors if you want. I can say that you can easily place some weights media in this surface.

Talk about the design of this product. You probably know that it has a pretty simple design and there is not much additional thing. On the legs you can find two steel legs which are pretty solid and durable. On the surface itself you can find medium density fiberboard (MDF) was putted on this design. These combinations of material for me are working really well in our test. We played some games on it’s surface by placing two monitors and we feel that its really comfortable to use even after for several hours of playing games. The steel frames on it’s surface has some finishing power coating which is means that we believe this furniture can last long.We can say that Arozzi has really working well on this product and they are trying to provide the best nice choice to the market.

Another feature that you can find on this product, there is a cable hole management that can help you easily manage and organize of your wired cable. Many people are sometimes so confused because of their cable management, without a good cable management we can easily damage of our wired cable and for me it can be a pretty tough to fix it. So rather than spending of your time of fixing that wired cable we suggest you to buy this one because it has a really  good cable management. For me I found that the cable holes on this product are so awesome. The all of things are so easy to manage if you want a good cable management. We would advise to alter or manage of your wired cable under this PC station. We have done some test on this case and we can easily put all of our cables without spending so much time on it.

To make it easier for you to consider, we place the main information and details of this nice station for more detail information, so you can determine this one is really suit or not for yourself. Here the main features.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Main Specifications
Product Dimensions : 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
Item Weight : 85.5 pounds
Manufacturer : Arozzi North America
Origin : China


Durability and Accessibility

Durability and Accessibility are the most important parts for a good furniture. Of course we prefer to have a good product with solid material in order to make it last long. We don’t want to spend of our money to buy something that can easily to break. On this case we think that you should not to be worry on this good product. The metal legs and surfaces are so well made. The materials that used are top quality. This thing can hold a pretty much weight, you even can put 176 pounds load on the top of it’s large surface. It’s really surprising how this small thing can easily hold of that loads. We are really happy that Arozzi teams are listening to our complaint and now they provided us a very solid desktop station that we can find on the market.

Keep in mind that this PC space is weight 85.5 pounds, so we really suggest you ask your friends or someone to help you assembly this modern furniture. You can easily assembly this product and the manual or instructions are pretty clear to understand, we can say that you are not going to have any problem on assembly this good product.

Simple and sturdy design. Arms are sold separately.
Easy to assembly. Not suit for a big monitor.
Very easy to modify. -


The Verdict

Arozzi is comes again with a very good quality of well made station. This company promises us a very good built quality modern space with minimal design. Keep in mind that the design for this product is not too pretty because this is not the part that they sell. There are so many features that you can find here and for us cloth mouse surface is the best feature from this product. This mouse surface is pretty good and you don’t need to spend of your extra money on buying mouse pad anymore. We are so happy with the test we have done. If you really want a good enjoyable experience station with a solid construction, you can consider buy this one as your best choice.

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