Atlantic Gaming Desk for Gamers

Atlantic Gaming Desk for Gamers
Many of you feel that good computer station is not an important parts of playing games. We think that why I need to buy new desktop furniture since I have the older one. I think the same think as you before, but after I tried the really good product from Atlantic Desk, I think I should really change my opinion about this nice furniture. This desktop station furniture is one of the best unique choices for PC games like you. We really should organizing our desktop equipment or modern consoles in order to avoid some accident. As this result, we need a good station to keep all of this consoles and equipment, and for me this product could be one of the best choices. This thing has a lot of features and it’s really made the users feel so comfortable even for several hours. So, if you are looking for super high quality PC furniture, you can count it on this great furniture. So, let’s now jump into the full review of this product.

Design and Features

Atlantic has a big name for several years as the solution of media storage. Now they introduced a modern station that they promise it will bring aesthetic design and solid durability. This thing features a fiber look design on it’s body, you may find it similar to any other common product, but trust me the steel rod on it’s legs are really looks so awesome. This thing would probably fit perfectly as the part of your computer room or you can place anywhere in your house. This real design will add a different style decoration in your room.

Atlantic Gaming Desk for Gamers

This computer station is not really that big, it has size 40.25 inches x 26.75 inches x 25 inches. This size is really common with another type similar one with similar design. There is also the PVC coated finishing design on the top surface of it’s space to add a minimalistic taste and elegance to its look. On the back of this table there is strip of surge protector that makes of you cable system management can be easily organized. You don’t need to be worry because all of your cable wires can be easily fit into these cables management.

The product features a lot of things including speaker trays, two controller hooks, CD shelves, headphone hook, storage drawer, and also a built in cup holder for your drink. Everything that you want is really fit and available in this thing. For me the efficiency and spaces are the most important parts. I really guarantee that this one could provide you anything you want.

Other great features from this thing are the cable management system and charging station, not only that you also will get a space up a 27” for the monitor. The product has 23.5 deep and 40 wide that really enough for you to fit you’re computer mouse or keyboard.

To make it easier for you to consider, we place the main information and details of this good producr, so you can determine this one is really suit or not for yourself. Here are the main features.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Main Specifications
Item Weight: 43.6 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Included components: Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk
Import Designation: China
Battery Required: No



When buy something all of people will make sure that the thing that they bought is last longer. The way company design and construct this nice product is really working well. The first thing that we need to look is steel rod construction of this desktop station. The finishing touch of this steel rod is really made this well made station feel so solid. This case may look so simple from the distance, but if you take it look closely you can assume that this unique thing is so well optimized to keep all of features including controller hooks, speaker trays, rear power strip holder, game storage rack, and cup holder working well. There are not too many companies can provide all this features into one furniture.

Since that this space is very light for a common station. Its really nice to see that we can move this thing easily if we want to put it anywhere in our house. So, don’t worry about of the stability of it’s legs because this thing is really fit into the ground.


In order to make our enjoyable experience is comfortable; we need to make sure that all of the things are well placed in good manner. Like any other type of similar product, this work station is also features big shelves and small drawers. For this case I could say that there is no problem in term of the Accessibility.

As you buy this one, you can place almost single of your equipment such as laptop, games, speakers, a cup of drink, and any other types of your media storage into this single place. So, when considering buy a good desktop station, you should consider the Accessibility of all of your media storage in order to get a better experience on your work or when you are playing games.

Very sturdy design The design is not that pretty.
More spaces are available for media storage It’s difficult to assembly for some users.
Good cable management system There is no selection of colors.
A very nice looking steel construction. -


The Verdict

Choosing a good PC station to suit our needs is sometimes really hard to find. There are so many good choices for you outside there, but there are not too many companies can provide us a good design and durability for cheap prices. One of the best choices for us is this nice product. We can say that the company has provide us the best choice with all of its features. By seeing how easily we can organize all of our media storage in one places really make this nice furniture is really shine among all. So, if you are hardcore gamers who are looking for a sturdy design and very solid construction PC station. You can buy this nice station as one of your alternative.

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