Audioengine A5+ Computer Speaker Review

Audioengine A5+ Computer Speaker

It found so interesting to see how this product is so better since it first comes in 2007. At that time, I feel there is no speaker could match the maximum performance that Audioengine A5+ is capable. The audio gadget is capable of delivering the most impressive sounds to us via its 3.55 mm audio input. Now I have enhanced version of it to share with you. I received the product few weeks ago and deciding to make review about it. The speaker is clearly two peals from the same pods, but there few upgrades that make it feels so different especially in performance. You would not expect a better thing in the design because I don’t find any difference on it so don’t expect more if you already have it. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

The Overall Selling Points

The design might be feels so similar, but in term of features and performance they add few things that will offer you great experience on listening music. If you are starting to be an audiophile, I guess you should check this one. The first thing that I notice is the power output is remaining the same. I don’t really mind the since the power is good. It resulting 50W per channel, more than enough for some small party at your home. The extra few things available are 20 mm silk dome tweeters and 13 cm Kevlar woofers. Once again its remaining the same, but its better than they change it with some cheap made parts. The different thing that I found is the located in the cabinet. Now it has new heat sink in the rear and port system. They put these things in order to improve not only the sound, but it also makes that speaker is still efficient even tough with the highest volume. They only add some new additional things, but it’s really worth since the performance is improved.

Audioengine A5+ Computer Speaker

To make sure that the consumers are interest to their new line up, they also put full size speakers terminal on it. This thing is what I am looking for it. Now finally I could connect it easily with any cable as long as it fit. I even can connect with banana plugs, and both of them are having stereo outputs and inputs.

You don’t need to worry if you are missing the 3.5 mm input; it is remaining the same too. They move it at the back with the USB connection to charge your portable device. It is now on the back rather than put it on the top. I don’t have any problem since the only thing that I need is the input and its okay on the back.

Audioengine A5+ Computer Speaker Main Specifications
Item Weight: 28.95 pounds
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Manufactures: Audioengine
Product Dimension: 7.8 x 7 x 10.8 inches


Suitable For Desktop

Listening to any rock and music is so much better than before on this bookshelf speaker. The bass doesn’t feel so tight and more focusing on the details rather than the power. The power is still acceptable even it might be not too boomy for some people. The design is flexible and makes it better on listening the music. I recommend putting it near of your computer rather than standing it at your living room. By the way, both of them are great. For me it’s just better on the near computer since you could hear your music clearly.

The speakers are light and sounds and bass are impressively dynamic. The sonic sound is even more striking and it’s probably better in comparable with higher product. The balance on sounds and their old unique designs are the key that makes it still shiny even though with their competitors. It worth if you want to upgrade it from its old model.

Custom Kevlar woofers and silk woofer. It doesn’t sound too boomy.
Heat sink included for better thermal management. There is no access to the right speaker signal.
50 watts per channel amplifiers. -



Their so many improvements has made the audio gadget becomes slightly better in term of performance than the original model. They only add few improvements in order to make sure their characteristic and quality. This is what makes them is still good even though with so many big competitors. If you are looking a new upgrade for the old model or you are starting to be an audiophile, then you should check it. Please make any comment if you have any question.

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