Beats Pill Plus Review – The New Improvement by Apple

Beats Pill Plus Review – The New Improvement by Apple

I still remember when the Beats company took over by Apple. They don’t only close their online music streaming, but they also making few adjustments on their line up Bluetooth speaker. Beats Pill Plus is actually their first release product after they were taken by Apple. I really love the original one and I have to see what the improvements that they made are. At the first glance, the product is looks so different and giving it a huge departure from the original. It is larger and using much bigger bass driver. I have to say that the power bass is better, but we really have to take look deeply, so you could make any judgment on it. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

Apple Making It Worst?

Well, Apple is not only re branding the beats products, but they really making huge departure from the original. The design is the first thing that I need to talk. They making the design so much simpler and I really love it. It feels cleaner and looks smart. They also add the rubber material on its edge and it looks better because it is more substantial than only the normal plastic. One thing that I notice here is the placement of controls buttons. Now they are located on the top. On the top there is also a charging port that is covered by small rubber flap. They decided to put 3.5 mm jack audio, but they didn’t put the original micro USB. They put lightning port in return and it would be troublesome if you are not An IPhone user. The process charging is faster and you probably have to bring your own charger all the time.

Beats Pill Plus Review – The New Improvement by Apple 2

One thing that I have to stress, the audio gadget is not waterproof, so never bring this expensive product under the water. I am really disappointed because the product is not cheap. Luckily, Apple didn’t break all of it. They also are making the improvement for the battery life. The old model is only capable on running for around 6 hours and the company promised that new the one last longer few more hours for some serious usage. During my test I got around 10 hours with the medium volume. It’s pretty much average and I think you might have any problem with it.

Like the original mode, you could connect two of them for stereo mode or to fulfill of your entire room for music. You need to download their app if you want to do it because the NFC functionality is no longer work here. The app is available for IOS and Android, so you are not in bad luck if you are an Android user like me. The application is not only for pairing, but they unlocking some unique features on it. There is no reason not to download since the features are awesome. I need to say that Apple is not destroyed the product.

Beats Pill Plus Main Specifications
Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Manufactures: Beats by Dre
Product Dimension: 12.4 x 22 x 8.2 inches


Sound Performance

Apple claims that the mid-range performance is so much better with their new tweeters and two new bigger woofers. This is the reason why the audio gadget is slightly larger. For the audio quality itself, you don’t need to worry because Beats is always on the top for audio performance. The first improvement is located on the bass power. It is more powerful than the old model that feels too thin for the bass response. The product is successful on playing my favorites song with great vocal and huge clarity. I could notice the depth and good weight on it.

At the low end, it is much poised amid and it doesn’t lose its cool even at the highest volume. Their dynamic and execution is so well perfect. I guess the price is really talking here because the price is not easily affordable for some people. But I need to say the overall performance is so much better than any audio gadget that I have testes. This one is good if you want to spend more for its expensive price and In return you would get the maximum entertainment on listening music.

It goes loud easily and sounds are fantastic. No NFC support.
The design is simpler and clearer. The price is expensive.
Lightning port charge for better integration for IPhone users. -



It is bitter to say that the improvement made by Apple is not good enough. I didn’t see the Bluetooth speaker is bad, but they lose their originality that makes it stand against the other competitors. You might need to take look of it deeply since the price is expensive. The performance is wise and it’s probably typical of beats product. So be sure to make any good research on it. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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