Best 700 Dollar Gaming PC February 2017

PC has to be powerful to handle heavy task and faster to perform it. Failed to accomplish one of them will reduce PC capability and make unpleasurable gaming experience. This article will describe gaming PC under 700 that very suitable to fulfill gamer’s needs. Processor with high specification will take cost more expensive than standard type. It is normal because technology is expensive investment. You can make processor to do double task in one week. It takes years to bring ultimate result. Gaming PC requires chipset, RAM, hard drive, graphic card, audio device, DVD drive, and chassis. All of them makes price is not cheap as many people expected.

List of Gaming PC under 700

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3600A

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3200ACyberpowerPC offers excellent PC for gaming with high-grade parts. Gaming PC should fulfill two basic needs. Moreover, AMD provides processor for this PC with FX-8320. As you know, FX Series from AMD is dedicated for gaming and digital works. The chipset is AMD 760G and 16 GB DDR3 for RAM. To store data, you will get 2 TB HDD. This space is more than enough to game installation and save bigger file capacity such as HD movie.

To enhance graphic, this PC uses AMD Radeon R7 250 with capacity 2 GB. You can see vivid interface and graphic on screen, especially during playing heavy type game. Seller gives Windows 10 64 bit as part of purchasing package. Other parts from this product are optical mouse, DVD RW drive, HD audio channel, network Ethernet, Gigabit LAN, USB ports, HDMI ports, and jack audio. Seller provide technical assistance if customer finds any trouble.


Fxware Vortex Gaming PC

Fxware Vortex Gaming PCStunning black chassis and blue light are what you see from Fxware Vortex. It is special PC for playing any game from low level until high-end type. It uses AMD A8-7600 as main processor that has quad core APU. This processor is suitable for heavy task such as gaming. You will not see any lagging or delay while execute command. When you play game from shooting genre, this PC is much recommended. You do not have to lose many points or reward during playing session. To accompany processor, this PC uses Radeon R7 Series and 8 GB as RAM. For storage, 1 TB is available as internal hard drive. Customer can install many games and still has enough space to store some data. Manufacturer puts USD 3.0 that can transfer data faster than 2.0. This device is already installed in original Windows 10 64 bit.


CybertronPC Hellion Gaming Desktop

CybertronPC Hellion Gaming DesktopOne of excellent product in gaming PC under 700 is CybertronPC Hellion. It has AMD FX-6300 as processor with unlocked hexa core model. Optimum performance this part is 3.5 GHz and can reach 3.9 GHz for maximum level. Graphic capability relies on NVidia GeForce GT 640 in 2 GB for capacity. Its RAM is 16 GB DDR3. For storage, manufacturer places 1 TB Serial ATA. All of them make this product suitable for high-task process.

The processor handles multitasking then user big capacity of RAM will deliver faster output. Graphic can supports visibility of the game on screen. You will not miss shoot or hit target in shooting genre. Gamers overcome quest and get more bonuses after using this PC. Another interesting part is cooling system to keep temperature at stable level and prevent overheating. This PC is what you need when playing under pressure.


CybertronPC 5150 Unleashed Gaming PC under 700

CybertronPC 5150 Unleashed  Gaming PC under 700Development of gaming PC goes side by side with game technology. To accomplish heavy task, gamers needs powerful PC. Standard specs are no longer capable to fulfill gamer’s desire. CybertronPC 5150 Unleashed is what gaming PC should like. It uses AMD FX-6300 with Hexa core processor. It makes quad core like ten years behind application. The RAM capacity is 8 GB and AMD Radeon R7 260X will handle graphic section. For storage, this PC provides 1 TB SATA. Gamers can install ton of games without running space out. CybertronPC 5150 Unleashed is equipped with network technology such as wireless to help gamers connect via internet. Windows 8.1 acts as operating system. Additional parts are HD audio, optical mouse, keyboard, DVD RW drive, and Fan control.


CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3200A Gaming Desktop

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3200A Gaming DesktopExcellent gaming PC has capability to do multitasking without too much delay. You need quick response when playing intense game or having under pressure to kill enemy. CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3200A is the right choice for such situation. To enhance task processing, this PC uses AMD FX-4300 Quad Core. The chipset is 760G and 8 GB DDR3 for RAM. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 will act as video card with capacity 2 GB. All of them are what PC gaming supposed to be. Manufacturer gives 1-year warranty and full technical assistance. As gaming PC, CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3200A is equipped with several parts. There are RJ-45 Network Ethernet, HD audio channel, USB ports, Gigabit LAN, keyboard, and optical mouse. For operating system, it uses Windows 10 64 bit.


CybertronPC Rhodium 950 X8 Gaming Computer

CybertronPC Rhodium 950 X8 Gaming ComputerYou can solve quest and win battle with CybertronPC Rhodium 950 X8. As PC gaming, it uses advanced AMD FX-8300 Octa Core. Its speed can boost up to 4.2 GHz from standard 3.3 GHz for graphic card; NVidia supplies their GeForce GTX 950. Its RAM is 16 GB DDR3 and 1 TB hard drive. These specifications make CybertronPC Rhodium 950 X8 stay on recommended product for gamers. Besides the main parts, manufacturer adds several high-end stuffs. There are DVD RW drive in dual layer, 7.1 channel HD audio, and several USB ports. Customer does not have to buy keyboard and mouse anymore because both of them are included in purchasing package. Lifetime technical support will assist customer problem immediately.


CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA550

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA550CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA550 is reliable PC gaming to bring utmost playing experience. Manufacturer puts AMD FX-6300 as processor and 760G for chipset. Graphic section will rely on NVidia GeForce GTX950 with capacity 2 GB and its RAM is 16 GB DDR3. Moreover, gamers will receive 2 TB HDD to install ton of games and store digital file such as movie, music, documents, etc. From those specifications, you can imagine what this PC can do during gaming session. You can execute task in no time and prevent delay. It is very eligible to play high-end game.


It can be concluded that those gaming PC under 700 explained above have high-grade parts to support the main specs. There are additional features such as HD channel audio, USB ports, cooling system, mouse, keyboard, and DVD RW drive. computer3g


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