3 Best Acer Mini PC December 2017

Most PC products come in bulky designs that consume to much space on your workspace. For those of you who work in limited space such as cubicle or office desk, PC with smaller size will be more practical. It should come as no surprise that mini PC is more popular in the market compared to conventional PC. Acer is one of the most popular vendors that manufactures mini PC. In this review, we will discuss about the specification of 3 best Acer mini PC products along with its specification. This review serves as reference for those of you who opt for Acer product your computer components.

Acer Revo: the Best Acer Mini PC

Best Acer Mini PC Revo Build

Best Acer Mini PC Revo Build
On the first glance, you already know that Acer Revo Build Mini Desktop will fit almost anywhere of your workspace. It incorporates modern design of cubical shape with curved edges. The dominant color used on this product is black with orange line accent on top. Despite its small size, it is equipped with plenty of ports including USB, LAN, HDMI, and Audio. The dimension of this futuristic mini PC is 5.3 by 5.3 inches with height of 2.2 inch. The package comes with mouse and keyboard as well.

Compared to its exterior design, the hardware installed inside it is completely different story. The hardware equipped on the mini PC manufactured by Acer will ensure that you will get reliable performance. For the brain, this product relies on 1.6 GHz of Intel Celeron N3050U processor. As it goes with any processor manufactured by Intel, users will be able to run any software smoothly. The processor is able to give its best performance since it also supported by the same Intel technology of Intel HD graphics card.

The superior specification of the hardware utilized by Acer Revo Build Mini Desktop is its RAM and hard drive. The 2 GB worth of RAM in it utilizes DDR3L technology. This hardware allows its user to do multitasking office task. Meanwhile, hard drive capacity of this product is 32 GB. With such capacity, users can safe some their files safely. Some users who already uses this product mention that it has uninterrupted performance. The price labeled for this mini PC is less than $180.


Acer Revo Home Entertainment Mini PC Core i5

Acer Revo Home Entertainment Mini PCCompared to any mini PC you have ever seen, the size of Acer Revo Home Entertainment Desktop is probably the smallest. The dimension of this Acer product is 4.2 by 4.2 inches with the height of 6.1 inch. The cubical design of it does not incorporate sharp angles. Its vertical design allows its users to put it in narrow space. The entire color used is pearl white. The manufacturer logo can be found in the front side with minimalist lamp under it. The back side is packed with ports.

Do not let the size of the mini PC fools you. It utilizes the best hardware that you normally found in bigger PC. As one of 3 best Acer mini PC, it uses 2.2 GHz of Intel Core i5-5200U as the processor. This powerful processor is designed to give fast processing. Meanwhile, the graphics card relies on Intel HD Graphics 5500. The graphics card will provide better viewing experience to its users. Combination of two Intel hardware products in it boosts its performance significantly.

The memory of RAM equipped in this mini PC is 8 GB. With this generous memory, users are able to play their favorite game uninterrupted. Meanwhile, the capacity provided for storage is also spacious. Hard drive with 1 TB of capacity will let the users save plenty of data in it. The hard drive utilizes solid-state hybrid drive of SATA technology. You can purchase this Acer mini PC with price less than $520. Keyboard and mouse with similar design is included in the package for your convenience.


Acer Revo One Home Entertainment Mini PC Core i3

Acer Revo One Home Entertainment Mini PC Core i3It seems that Acer takes the design and functionality of its product into a new level. Acer Revo One Home Entertainment used refined minimalist design on the exterior. Keyboard and mouse with similar design theme are also provided along with the mini PC. As it goes with any product manufactured by Acer, this mini PC also comes in compact dimension. The product dimension is 4.2 by 4.2 inches with height of 6.1 inch. It allows the users to fit it without consuming too much of space.

The small design of this particular series comes with powerful hardware inside. Both processor and graphics card takes advantage of Intel technology. This choice allows the mini PC to give its maximum performance. The brain of the PC uses 2.1 GHz of Intel Core i3-5010U. This marvelous processor works together with Intel HD Graphics 5500. The same graphics card is used on gamer PC products since it is able to provide the best color clarity. It is also suitable for game with high resolution as well.

For some users, RAM memory is a crucial aspect since they need it to run multiple programs at once. With 4 GB of RAM featuring DDR3L, it allows the users to do multitasking or playing game. Storage capacity is also an important aspect as well. Therefore, Acer equips this product with 1 TB of to give spacious storage. Some users who already try this product say that it gives anything they need from mini PC product. You can purchase mini PC that is packed with impressive hardware and feature with price less than $415.


After reading the review about 3 best Acer mini PC products, you might amaze that the specification of each product is comparable to regular bulky PC. The same goes for the feature as well. With hardware specifications equipped to the mini PC manufactured by Acer, the performance is surprisingly comparable to other PC. In fact, some of the mini PC specification is much better than ordinary PC used for office. The perfect combination between high quality performance and small design makes mini PC manufactured by Acer turns into popular product.

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