Top 6 Best All in One Computer December 2017

Opinion about how to purchase computer is divided into two groups. The first group is people who prefer purchasing computer components and assembly those components by themselves. This group focuses on getting cheaper computer components. In other hand, the second group is consisting of people who prefer purchasing all in one computer. People of this group commonly do not want to be bothered with assembling computer components. If you are included in the second group, this article is an article you need. It will give you product specification of 6 best all in one computer. The specification of computers is already equipped with the best hardware.

List of All in One Computer with the Best Specifications

Acer Best All in One Computer AZ3-715

Acer Best All in One Computer AZ3-715This product is designed as the centerpiece of your home office or workspace. First impression you get from Acer Aspire AIO Desktop is slim monitor shape and futuristic design. It is suitable for giving cinematic entertainment with 23.8 inch of full HD screen. The brain of the computer incorporates 2.2 GHz of 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6300T. The 8 GB of RAM comes along with 1 TB of hard drive. Software used for the operating system is Windows 10 Home that provides friendly user-interface. As it goes with other all in one computer, this set also comes with keyboard and mouse as well. Acer All in One PC


Apple iMac MK142LL/A 21.5-Inch

Apple iMac MK142LLA 21.5-InchMost of product manufactured by Apple has high quality, including this product. Hardware used in it ensures that it will give reliable performance. The processor uses 1.6 GHz of dual core Intel Core i5. The graphics card uses the same technology of Intel HD graphics 6000. The 8 GB of RAM provided can be upgraded up to 16 GB. The spacious RAM comes along with 1 TB of hard drive. The size of display screen on this product is 21.5 inch with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Keyboard and mouse added on the package uses similar compact design.


Best Dell All in One Computer Inspiron i3459-1525BLK

Best Dell All in One Computer Inspiron i3459-1525BLKManufactured with modern design, this product is using 23.8 inch of monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. In order to give reliable performance, it uses 2.3 GHz of Intel Core i3-6100U as the processor. Meanwhile, the RAM and hard drive provided are respectively 8 GB and 500 GB. The RAM features DDR3L technology. Meanwhile, the hard drive uses SATA innovation. Intel HD graphics is also equipped in this product as graphics card. The product includes keyboard and mouse as well. Since all components are already installed, it does not need any assembly. Dell AIO COmputer


Lenovo All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop C40

Lenovo All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop C40One of the products by Lenovo is listed in the 7 best all in one computer since it has reliable performance from the hardware. Compared with other product, this series is confidence with its 2.2 GHz of AMD A6-7310 processor added in it. The processor itself is supported by 8 GB of RAM with DDR3 technology. Moreover, it also uses hard drive with generous space of 1 TB. The computer become more reliable since it installed Windows 10 as its operating system. In order to give better viewing for its users, the series uses 21.5 inch of screen featuring touchscreen display.


HP 23-r110 All-in-One Computer 23 Inch

HP 23-r110 All-in-One Computer 23 InchMost all in one computer incorporates flat screen monitor to give modern impression. However, monitor used in this product is using flat screen monitor not only to give such impression, but also for practical purpose as well. The package includes keyboard and mouse with futuristic design to complete its monitor. It should come as no surprise that 2.9 GHz of Intel Pentium G3260 uses in the series make this computer run faster and smoother.  In order to provide reliable performance, the hardware also includes 4 GB of RAM with DDR3L technology. The screen size is 23 inch featuring LED lit screen. Top HP All in One Computer

HD takes functionality and performance of its product above everything. This series uses powerful hardware to give better computing experience. Processor equipped in the computer is 2.9 GHz of Intel Pentium G3260 processor. Along with its high quality processor, it is also featuring 4 GB of RAM. The capacity of hard drive used in this product is up to 1 TB. The monitor of this computer set is using 23-inch screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Combination of those hardware specifications will definitely produce maximum performance.


Asus All in One Computer ET220IUT

Asus All in One Computer ET220IUTAll in one computer mostly packed with useful features and powerful hardware. This product has touchscreen monitor that allows user to interact with the 21.5 inch of LED backlit display. The package still includes mouse and keyboard for easy access. Aside from its feature, the computer also equipped with powerful hardware as well. The processor is using 3 GHz of 4th Generation Intel Core i3-4150T. The processor is supported with 8 GB of RAM with DDR3 innovation. Meanwhile, the hard drive allocated is up to 1 TB. The latest version of Windows 8 is installed as the operating system.

When it comes for computer set with complete components, all you need to consider is its design, hardware, and feature. Do not underestimate the product design. Most of all in one computer products are manufactured with modern and futuristic design. Such design usually comes with compact and sleek size. This dimension allows its user to place it anywhere on their home office or cubicle that has limited space. It is interesting to point out that the monitor of each product above is using flat screen technology. It is considered as common technology used in on the best computer set.

Hardware and feature also have great role on the 6 best all in one computer listed above. Those computer sets uses powerful processor that is supported with the best graphics card. Common RAM and hard drive utilized for the computer are respectively 8 GB and 1 TB. Meanwhile, the standard features for the best computer set are keyboard and mouse. Those features are ideally using the same design to match the monitor. The monitor itself should have wide viewing space and high resolution. Those important aspects are the only way you can ensure that the computer will give reliable performance for better computing experience.

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