Best Cheap 300 Dollar Gaming PC February 2017

PC designed for gaming purposes requires the best specification, so it is able to run the games with high requirements. Gaming PC with such specification is definitely more expensive than regular one for office tasks. However, finding gaming PC under 300 is not impossible. Various PC vendors manufacture devices with qualified performance for running the game. They are completed by high requirements without making the price expensive. If you need a gaming PC with lower price, you might consider choosing one of the following products. These products are not only labeled under $300, but also give the best performance for gaming experience.

List of Gaming PC that You Can Purchase under $300

In the market, you will be able to find gaming PC with the best specification. Unfortunately, most of them have expensive price. This price is definitely worth its specifications. The most important specifications for gaming PC are processor, RAM, and graphics card. Processor is the brain of gaming PC that needs to be able to run the game. Moreover, processor by Intel is definitely the best you can get. However, this type of processor is pricy. It should come as no surprise that most vendors that manufacture gaming PC incorporate AMD technology for its both processor and graphics card. This method is believed able to boost the gaming performance.

Lenovo H50 Desktop 90BH0037US

Lenovo H50 Desktop 90BH0037USWhen it comes for gaming experience, Lenovo takes responsive performance aspect seriously. Both of its processor and graphics cards incorporate the same AMD technology in order to enhance your gaming experience. It utilizes 1.8 GHz of AMD A6-6310 processor. Meanwhile, the graphics card is ATI Radeon with AMD integrated innovation. It runs the game with 4 GB of RAM with DDR3 technology. About 1 TB of hard drive is also equipped in this gaming PC as well. With such specification, you will be able to play your favorite game smoothly. You can bring Lenovo H50 Desktop with Windows 10 only under $300. (Used)


CybertronPC Axis AM1 Desktop

CybertronPC Axis AM1 DesktopFor gaming PC, you can always rely on product manufactured by CybertronPC. This vendor provides impressive specification in order to give reliable performance. As gaming PC with high quality, it utilizes the best processor. The 1.60 GHz of Quad Core AMD Athlon 5150 processor is equipped as the brain of this PC. It is completed with Radeon HD 8400 graphics card for better viewing. 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and 500 GB of hard drive are also added as well. Due to this sufficient specification, the product is labeled in $258.


DELL Core 2 Duo Gaming Desktop Under 300

DELL Core 2 Duo Gaming DesktopDELL is a famous computer manufacturer. It also surprisingly manufactures gaming PC with impressive specification. This product has the best combination of processor and RAM. It utilizes 2.4 GHz of Fast Intel Core 2 Duo as the processor. Meanwhile, the RAM capacity of this product is 8 GB. As the gaming PC, RAM with this capacity is considered generous. Moreover, it also uses 1 TB of hard drive that can be used to store plenty of files. In order to balance the specification with its price, it uses Windows 7 Pro as the operating system. Do not let its impressive specification fools you since you can purchase it with $279.


CybertronPC Axis LyNX1 Desktop

CybertronPC Axis LyNX1 DesktopAs we already know, processor and graphics card plays important role when it comes to satisfying gamer experiences. CybertronPC Axis LyNX1 Desktop boosts its gaming performance by incorporating the same technology for the hardware. The processor utilizes 1.60 GHz of Quad Core AMD Athlon 5150. This processor is supported by Radeon HD graphics card. About 500 GB of hard drive is also equipped in order to satisfy the gamer needs as well. As for the operating system, it incorporates Linux Ubuntu 14. You can purchase this impressive gaming PC along with its keyboard and mouse only with $269.99.


Acer Aspire XC Compact Desktop

Acer Aspire XC Compact DesktopAs the name suggests, this gaming PC incorporates compact design. The benefit of using gaming PC with compact design is that you will be able to put it in your gaming room without taking too much of your space. This feature is considered as superior feature since most of Gaming PCs are manufactured with bulky design. The brain of Acer Aspire XC Compact Desktop is 1.60 GHz of Quad Core Intel Celeron N3050. It also provides 500 GB of hard drive as well. Although the product still utilizes Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit, most gamers do not mind it at all.


DELL Optiplex 780 SFF

DELL Optiplex 780 SFFOne of DELL gaming PC under 300 products with stunning specification is DELL Optiplex 780 SFF. Some gaming PC has problem when it comes to running game with high requirements. However, the gaming PC allows you to get smooth gaming performance due to its superior processor. The brain for this PC is 3 GHz of Intel Core 2 Duo. In order to give better gaming experience, it also utilizes 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 1 TB of HDD hard drive with 7200 rpm.

For additional information, graphics card with the same technology with its processor is able to work together in balance. Moreover, it is also able to lower the PC cost as well. Graphics card plays important role on displaying gaming resolution. Without decent graphics card, the game resolution might not give the best view. Besides processor and graphics card, RAM also have crucial role as well. Most RAMs these days already incorporates DDR3 technology.


Some heavy game with high requirement requires up to 8 GB of RAM. However, with sufficient processor and graphics card, gamers will be able to get decent gaming experience with 4GB of RAM. Gaming performance with RAM less than 4 GB will mostly end up laggy and inconvenient. The gaming PC under 300 products listed above are not only have minimum requirement to play the game smoothly but also offered at affordable price. By using the list as reference, you will be able to choose perfect gaming PC at cheap price.


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