Top 10 Best DXRacer Gaming Chair December 2017

Best DXRacer Gaming Chair
Good furniture is one of best keys to get the maximum performance in doing of your personal work. You probably need the best one so you can use your computer in long comfort usage. We guess you don’t want to miss your opportunity to chase your career or miss one of your favorite scenes in your games just because of your bad chair. It would be bad to miss it because you will never be able to get the similar feeling or result for this. So it might be the best idea for now to put off your old furniture

You probably want to change your old gaming chair to the new one. There are might so many reasons why you need to change it now. It might because it is not comfort anymore or because you just need a new one. Well, it backs to your needs to decide when you need to change your old furniture. We really know that after many hours of used, the chair is probably already is bad enough to use and it might change or discomfort you to sit all of time on them. That’s the right time for you to buy the new furniture. You don’t need to spend of 1000 dollars of your money for just single furniture nowadays. There are so many great of choices outside there but with a really cheap price. You just need to put more effort on finding them and we are really sure you are going to find it. For this case, just don’t be lazy for searching them and probably buying any random gaming chair is not a good solution for you.

If you just buying any random furniture, you probably will never get the best one to suit your needs because they have so many characteristics and different materials. It is also included the different types of products that were provided by the company. We know that it must be so confusing because there are so many companies for years have provided the best product on the market. Different company will also have different types, materials, features, heights and many other extra things. Not all of them are good. There are many of them provided a cheap product but with high price and many of us bought it actually. That’s why now we need to be really careful in choosing the best furniture for our home decoration. In our opinion, one of best companies that can be depended for the good quality is DXRacer. They have provided the best gaming furniture for more than 5 years. You can see that all of them come with a really good looks, features, and great solid material that can last longer than any type of similar product. You probably want to have one of their products so you can enjoy your favorite games or movies in good way. Once again be careful on choosing them because they designed the chair to fit a certain type of weight and height. So buying them randomly is not a good choice. Every gamer probably has different height and weight and it’s a bit difficult to find the right one that really fit your figure. That’s why here we put some of tips on choosing the best one that really suit your needs. We would show you the best guide for choosing them.

Which one is the best?

DXRacer DOH_FD101_NG Gaming Chair Newedge Edition Formula SeriesWell, this might the first question that every gamer need to ask. First of all what you really need to do is measuring your height and weight for this case. This is so important because it will affect your choice later. So for now make sure you have measured your body make and try not to mess this one. After that you can move to the right step on choosing which product from this series.

You will different types of series product from this company. It is including Formula which is really suitable for weight from o until 200 LBS and for height is around 4 to 5 feet. Then you will also find Drifting series which is really good for people around 0 to 250 LBS and for height is around 4 to 5.5 feet. That are some of them and you would find more of them on internet. They provided us more than 5 choices based on the category, weight, height, and any other extra stuff. So be wise on choosing them and make sure you don’t mess it up.

You must really want to ask us why we need to measure our body for this case. This is happen because every person has their own perfect adjustment on using this furniture. They need to make sure that they feel comfortable enough to use that thing. If it is too shorter or to taller, it will be affected to the performance on doing some works because you don’t feel comfortable. So choosing the right one is important and that’s why we really suggest it on our first tips.


You would want some great features for your perfect gaming chair. For this one, we are really sure that you are going to be happy with all of features that you could find from this series. There are lots of features that will make your experience become more enjoyable. There would some advantages and disadvantages that you would get from these features. You probably will be helped by their advance technology during your daily work or playing games. So choosing some of them are great solutions for you. But once again you would also get some disadvantages for this case because some features would probably be annoying and feel so useless. Sometimes you will be confused on using it. So that’s why you need to choose it based on your needs and not what you see from the commercials. They show it because they want to make their own product looks so awesome and you might not need some of it in your real life usage.

There are some core features that will be bad to miss from this product series. This is the major core features, so for the extra or minor one is your choice. The first one is up to 135 degrees backrest. You can easily recline the backrest with this nice thing. If you want to enjoy some break during of your work or gaming session, you can recline it up. This is the perfect solution because you will feel so comfortable with this thing. We have tested it after we use our computer for couple hours and surprisingly we are helpful with this thing to get relax and enjoy. The second is steel framework. All of the furniture from this company is made from high quality steel framework. You don’t need to worry if you are too heavy because this chair could hold even the heaviest gamer. You would love this high quality material on its inside and backrest. This material is so sturdy and doesn’t look so cheap. They provided us the best one to make sure that the consumers are happy and they also want to make sure this thing last longer. When want to buy some furniture. We really want money that we already invested is last longer and probably we don’t want to break after just one year of usage. You can count it for the high quality material on this product. The last feature is lumbar and headrest cushion. Every product that you buy will have this nice thing. You can easily adjust your own perfect position for every situation. You can also fit for your girlfriend or your friends when they are coming to your home for playing games. What you need to do is just adjust it. You can find it on the headrest and the lumbar area. Some of these things are major features.


Price is not really too important for this case, you should focus on the two things above. Then you can move it to this one. Price would be affected to some components on this furniture. There will some extra things that you will get if you spend your extra money on higher price. But once again it is not always happen. Just focus on the most important stuff for you.

The key is you just to choose the most suitable for your needs and not based on the higher price. The higher price is not the assurance you are going to get the best. So there would be more of them with cheaper price, but the quality is not that bad. Researching on it is the best way to solve this case to make sure everything is working great.

Below you will find our best the list. You will find this list is useful since it covers all of the majority material. So feel free to see this list.

Top 10 Best Dxracer Chair 2017

ProductImageMaterialDimensionWeightColorWhere to Buy
  1. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NG Newedge Edition
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/N Newedge Edition Mesh/PU 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/RW106/NE Newedge Edition Racing Bucket
Racing Series DOH/RW106/NE Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Mesh/PU/Metal 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black/Green ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer OH/FD99/NR Ergonomic Formula Series Red/Black
OH/FD99/NR Ergonomic Formula Series Red/Black Mesh/PU/Metal - 49 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/FH08/NG Formula Series Gaming Chair with pillows
Formula Series Gaming Chair with pillows PU 20 x 25 x 45 inches 49 pounds Black/Grey ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/KS06/NW King Series Big and Tall Esports With Pillows
King Series Big and Tall Esports With Pillows Carbon Look Vinyl/PU 27 x 25 x 52 inches 62 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/OC168/N Racing Bucket Seat
Origin Series DOH/OC168/N Racing Bucket Seat Strong Mesh/PU 27 x 22 x 49 inches 43 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/FH11/NE Recliner Esport WCG IEM ESL Dreamhack
DXRacer Recliner Esport WCG IEM ESL Dreamhack Strong Mesh/PU 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black/Green ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/RE0/NO Gaming Chair
DXRacer Multi Function Seat PU/Metal 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black/Green ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/FD99/NW Ergonomic Rocker with Pillows
DOH/FD99/NW Ergonomic Rocker with Pillows PU 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black/White ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer DOH/DF73/NG Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat
Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat PU 27 x 22 x 49 inches 49 pounds Black/Grey ORDER NOW


Choosing the right furniture is might not as easy as you think. There are so many problems that you are going to face. What we need to do is just focusing on our needs to make sure it doesn’t break our pocket. You will find it with so many price ranges. It is started with a few hundred to thousand bucks. We really know that you are going to find the best for you if spending some your extra time. So good luck then.

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