Top 7 Best IPS Monitor for Gaming December 2017

In Plane Switching or often shorten by IPS is common feature used in monitor with liquid crystal display based technology. This feature is not only famous feature that is often used for smartphone screen, but also for computer monitor as well. The twisted field effect on LCD screen is limited. In order to surpass this limitation, in plane switching feature is needed. Therefore, your monitor will have dependence of strong viewing angle. Moreover, it is also boost the color quality. Computer monitor with IPS technology is highly recommended for those who want to use the monitor for gaming. If you need gaming monitor, you are suggested to purchase monitor with this IPS technology. Here is list of the best IPS monitor for gaming purposes.

Gaming Monitor with IPS Technology

LG UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor 34 Inch

LG UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor 34 InchBefore talking about its specification, the first thing you need to know is the design of LG UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor. The flat screen incorporates black thin border that gives futuristic impression. As the name suggest, this monitor has wide screen of 34 inch. This dimension provides better viewing angle for gamers. The aspect ratio of this series is 21:9. You can enjoy playing games with high resolution since the resolution provided for this product is 2560 x 1080 pixels. As monitor with high definition, you definitely need this monitor on your gaming corner.


Asus MG24UQ Best IPS Monitor for Gaming

Asus MG24UQ Best IPS Monitor for GamingAs it goes with any product manufacturer by Asus, you will not disappoint with the quality of this monitor. The dimension of Asus MG24UQ is 23.6 inch. This size is considered larger than average monitor designed for playing video game is. Along with large screen dimension, it also has eye care technology. Adaptive-sync feature added to this monitor produces responsive and smooth gaming experience. Combination of those features reduces the flickering problem that often occurs on gaming monitor. When playing your favorite video game with this monitor, you will not experience lag as well.


LG 25UM56P UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor

LG 25UM56P UltraWide IPS Gaming MonitorMost of monitors manufactured by LG have distinctive design of thin border. The LG 25UM56P UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor is one of those monitors. In order to satisfy gamers who use this monitor for playing game, the product comes in 25 inch of screen size. The 21:9 screen ratios comes with full HD resolution. The resolution of this series is 2560 x 1080 pixels. Besides those impressive specifications, the monitor also comes with useful features including black stabilizer and dynamic action sync. If those features do not satisfy your needs, the manufacturer also added 4-screen split to improve your productivity.


ViewSonic XG2700-4K UHD Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG2800-4K UHD Gaming MonitorIf you make a list of the best IPS monitor for gaming, you need to mention ViewSonic XG2800-4K on your list. This should come as no surprise since the monitor is packed with plenty of high quality feature. In the class of 27-inch monitor, this series is proven able to give the best gaming performance. The 4K of Ultra HD resolution of this product is providing stunning quality. This feature is supported by AMD FreeSync technology. It is able to give flawless gaming experience since it has low chance of lag and flicker. Black stabilization feature is also added so that you can play games with darker video.


Asus Curved IPS G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

Asus Curved IPS G-SYNC Gaming MonitorAs leading manufacturer of computer product, Asus produces gaming monitor with unique design. As you already notice from the name, this monitor has curvy design. This design allows you to have better viewing angle when playing video game. With its 34-inch dimension, the monitor comes with eye care technology. This feature allows you to play video game without having to be worried over your eye health. It comes with standard 21:9 aspect ratio of high quality monitor. The best feature of this monitor is its ability to sync perfectly with the graphics card. With such specification, this feature is able to present superior resolution.


ViewSonic XG2700-4K Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG2700-4K Gaming MonitorIf you are looking for 27 inch gaming monitor with reliable performance, you need to add ViewSonic SG2700-4K in your short list. The screen dimension comes in standard size of 27 inch. This dimension is considered ideal since it is able to give the best performance without taking too much space of your gaming space. This series is also equipped with AMD FreeSync Technology. Gamers who already use this gaming monitor report that they experience less lag when playing game. Black stabilization feature added on this product will increase your visibility significantly.

LG WQHD IPS Curved Monitor

LG WQHD IPS Curved MonitorCurved display is popular design for gaming monitor since it is able to present the best viewing angle. The LG WOHD IPS Curved Display is not using LCD monitor as it goes with conventional monitor. Instead, it uses LED-Lit monitor to give the best quality. The aspect ratio of 21:9 comes with UltraWide screen and WQHD specification. Meanwhile, IPS technology used in this curved monitor display accurate color. Several ports such as USB, HDMI, and display ports are additional feature of this high quality monitor.


After talking about monitor specification that uses IPS technology, you might wonder how important such technology when it comes for gaming satisfaction. IPS technology implemented on gaming monitor is able to present color consistently from any viewing angle. Moreover, the color displayed by LCD monitor with this technology has crystal-clear technology. Quick movement and color change are often occurred on gaming. Therefore, the technology allows you to get responsive performance. Many monitor vendors include IPS technology to boost your gaming performance.

The technological benefit of IPS feature is also used for touchscreen monitor. It is not surprising that smartphone display also take advantage of this feature. The IPS feature on the best IPS monitor for gaming above also comes with other features that support its function. One of the features that commonly come along with IPS is high-resolution feature. Both of those features are crucial since most of popular game released lately has high requirement, especially related to its resolution. Those monitors are already designed to qualify the high requirement standard of any game.

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