Best PC Gaming Chair 2017

Best Gaming Seat 2017

I have spent countless time on playing games on the front of computer. For me, gaming is not an easy activity to do because we really need to focus of our mind on it. You would never get the maximum result if you cannot focus on your game. It is so different than any other relaxing activity because you need to be focused and cannot be distracted by any other. That’s why playing game is a good activity to avoid stress on your daily work. In order to play our games in good way, we need a comfort place that makes our mind focusing on it. The best gaming chair is needed in order to get the best result in every our gaming session. The best term can be different for each person, it might be best for them because the design is sleek and modern. They say it best because the features are so well complete or they say it better just because they price is cheap. There have to be some reasons why people say it best.

Now, should you put more care on a gaming chair? Well, we might get the different result for this case. There might some people who think it important since all of their work would be depended on it and also there are some people who think it seriously because it is just a chair, right? There is no reason for me to really think about it I have my old one and why I really need to buy new furniture just for playing games. Every people have their own opinion about it. But the fact that we have spent our time on the front of computer for long hours; it is really needed to find a good comfortable furniture. If you are try to find the best one, you have so many choices from DXRacer, X Rocker, Homall, Merax, or any other companies outside there.

You probably spent so much money on your PC setup so it will not be fair to not allocate your money for your computer furniture. You don’t need to worry because I am sure it cost less than what you spent on graphic card, but considering the whole new experience that you get, it is so important to really think about it. A sturdy seat could probably last longer and you are not going to be a new one it anytime soon. Many of us are to focus on our PC rather than spending their time finding good furniture to use. Nowadays, there are lots of choices with good price and quality. You don’t really need to worry of losing your money since you can afford it less than hundred dollars.

After couple of months finding a good recommendation for best gaming seat, I finally decide to show my list to whole people. I cannot say my list would be better than other one, but I put some wide choices for every gamer on my list. Choosing it randomly might not a good idea and that’s why I put some tips before it to make sure that you are going to the best product that will suit your needs in every session on the front of computer.

Types of Gaming Seats

You must know that there are so many types of gaming chair outside there. It is such a good idea to know each one of them since you will get better understanding for what it looks, how they work, and the features that will support of your work. I am going to describe each one of them in some simple words so you would be easier to comprehend it. In general, actually there are two types of gaming seat, the first one is for console and the second is for PC. You might find it soon later.

Pedestal Computer Seat
This type of seat is probably the most basic one that you can find on the internet. It features a pedestal and it could be easily adjusted to move or swivel it in any direction you want. Most of them are actually have the same materials from cloth or leather. This type of furniture is good for starter and if you are deciding to buy this thing. You need to find them on one of these materials that make you more comfortable. It is not hard to find a good one and this product is so suitable for console gaming.

Pedestal computer seat


This one is another type of gaming chair. It doesn’t has any swivel or pedestal to move around. This product is made specifically for person who don’t want any unnecessary move and that’s why the chair is sitting directly to the floor to avoid some unnecessary move. You could pick this furniture if you need a good place for playing games on console.

Rockers Gaming Seat


There are many of them are specially made for specific games and this product is designed for racing games. You can use it for any other type of games, but the feeling is so different when you are using it on racing games. You get the realness like you are really driving the car. The design for this thing is so simple and looks so similar like a racing seat that you could find on many racing cars. It also has some additional features such as a clutch, accelerator, wheel and any other things that is similar to any real car.

Racing Gaming Seat

PC Gaming Chair
This type is pretty unique since it made specifically for PC platform and probably not too comfortable to use it for any other activities beside on desktop. There would some features that you could find here since it’s for desktop. It usually some cool features such as a armrest, headrest, and lots of adjustable things to make us comfortable to use it for long time. I love this one because it has good back support and could relieve of my pain on using it.

PC Gaming Seat


That are some types of them that you can easily find on the market. All of them are having each characteristic and it’s your time to decide which one is better or not. You need to take a deeper research in order to find their real function, so spend of your little time on it.

What Should I Get or Expect From My Gaming Chair

You have already known some types of gaming chair. You probably want to pick it instantly, but keep your hand for now because I have one more tip for you to show. I have some important points that you need to have or consider before buying of it. all of them are good, but it should be wise to have some important points. Let me show it.

The first thing that you have to consider is the size. there are many of them are coming with different sizes for the average people. You could also find some of them are made specifically for taller or big person. So it might sounds good to measure of your body to know the exactly the real type for you. Size is so important since it will add more comfortable on using it. You will not feel so comfort if the size is not made for you.

Size For Seat

The main reason why I really love an ergonomic seat is because it’s so comfortable to use. We really recommend choosing the furniture that makes you comfortable and easy to use. In few cases, you find many of them are coming with unique and amazing features. for example, some of them have some little cool things such as wheel support, high back support, and a cool looking padding. All of those cool things would be useless if the product is so bulky and not comfortable to use. One more tip for this case, you need to pick one of them with good and soft padding. It adds more comfort zone when you are putting of your body on it. You can choose it from leather or cloth, but once again the criterion for each person is different. So be wise on choosing it.

Ergonomic Chair

The next case is material. The best material will make your furniture last longer. You probably want your furniture last longer, so make sure to choose the best one. Many of them are coming with steel or plastic body. The steel frame is better in term of durability, but it is heavy to move it around. The plastic is lighter but sure it has some troublesome on durability. There are lots of choices and you are the right person on deciding it.

Steel Computer Seat

There would be better if you have it with unique features that make it different than other. Many of them are focus to deliver the maximum experience on using it, but the most popular among them are usually having a unique feature. This thing is an optional choice, but I am sure you want to avail some of these amazing features. Some of them such as wireless audio, additional speakers, and input or output jacks will be amazing to have.

Unique Computer Seat

The last thing that you should definitely must to consider before buying a new product is the price. Although many of seat are so comfortable to use, but not all of them are affordable to buy. There are many of them which are expensive just because it comes from a high brand. There would be lot of better choice with cheap price, but provide you the maximum value. Be sure to never look it only based on the price.

10 Best PC Gaming Chair 2017

ProductImageMaterialDimensionWeightColorWhere to Buy
  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat
X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat Vinyl/Metal 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches 54.2 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NO Office and gaming Seat
DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NO Office and gaming Seat Carbon Look Vinyl/PU 21 x 27 x 53 inches 49 pounds Black/Orange ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Strong Mesh 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. N Seat Pro 600 Series Executive Racing Design Computer Seat
N Seat Pro 600 Series Executive Racing Design Computer Seat Leather 18.9 x 19.7 x 52 inches 55 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. Office Star High Back Progrid Freeflex
Office Star High Back Progrid Freeflex Plastic 29 x 26 x 42 inches 51 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. SAYL Chair By Herman Miller
SAYL Chair By Herman Miller Fabric 26 x 24.5 x 37 inches 38 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Seat
X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Seat Vinyl/Metal 29.1 x 22 x 20.9 inches 50.3 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series Black
Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series Black PU/Steel 20.9 x 20.5 x 55.1 inches 44.1 pounds Black/Carbon ORDER NOW
  1. GTR Simulator Touring Model With Real Racing Seat
GTR Simulator Touring Model With Real Racing Seat Steel/Leather 50 x 24 x 42 inches 37.6 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair
Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair Leather/Suede 54.7 x 26 x 10.6 inches 52.9 pounds Black/Blue ORDER NOW

The All Top Best Gaming Chairs in 2017

We have put some good comparison detail for you as the best way to find which one of them is suit to your style and needs. It would be easier for you to compare each one of them since I put lots of detail on them. If you are still confusing enough, please don’t worry because we make the good review each of them below. So please enjoy it.

  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat
I am sure that you are so familiar with X Rocker. Their lines up products are widely used by many great esport gamers and many of them recommend you to try their computer seat as your perfect companion for playing games and working. I have this one for such a long time and finally decide to make the short review about it. You may recognize it similar with your old seat, but it actually the different one. This one is actually the enhance version for their old products and that’s the reason why it’s similar to you.

This seat is really great for every gaming experience, as well for watching movies and listening music. The multi-functional function is the best key for this product. The product has a multitude fantastic features which allow gamer and non gamer to use this one for all of their different needs. The wireless and wired capabilities are rank as the highest among any other similar product.

You would be happy with the amazing surround sound system which gives you the more realistic experience that cannot be duplicated by other competitor. This case is happened because it has a built in speaker and the good vibration setting that are provided by this company. The feelings are literally like we are being the part of action, whether you are playing games, listening to music, or watching movies.

This good furniture is probably worth for every investment and would really satisfy all of people who use it. It gives you an amazing experience which cannot be easily described. I am sure that leaving this thing would be hard since the experience is so real and different. Acquiring this seat is like having a small theater on your home. It’s really amazing without disappoint of any user. You need to check it before you moving to any similar choice and probably there is no other better choice than this thing.

Built in Bluetooth. No charger for transmitter.
Separate controls volume. Leaning back is not easy to do.
Great audio capability. -


  1. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NO Office and gaming Seat

DXRacer Racing Series DOHRV001NO Office and gaming Seat
The racing series is another good choice for best gaming seat around the world. The series is top notch and solid because of the material from tubular aluminum steel frame and strong vinyl material on the body and footrest. It is built like a tank and probably the best choice for long usage in many hours. The taller and wider backrest is so suitable for big or taller person. The backrest support is so fantastic and amazing to use it for more than 8 hours and longer. i have tested it for more than two weeks and I never feel any pain from my back or my neck because of it nice made back support.

If you still not satisfy with it, there are more features that would easily satisfy of your needs. The R series possesses an amazing complete back pampering that will avoid you from some stress from feet to neck. The integrated adjustable lumbar support and integrated headrest are so soft and really good if you are having sensitive spine. I have some problems on my spine as the result of bad choice on my previous chair. My spine start to result some pain if the support is not too comforts. I am so happy that I have a chance to try this because the result is overwhelming. You need to try this and feel the amazing feeling with it.

I cannot recommend furniture better than this product because the money and time investment I have spent is so special and fantastic. The feature such as 170 degrees tilt mechanism is making my job easier that allows customization to suit the different preferences of own users. it only allow 90 degree angle at first, but you could turn it to 180 degree angle with some adjustment. The consumer able to lowers the chair’s back horizontally for good time on relaxing after daily work. If you dream for relaxing after working so hard on your work, this seat is a must buy for you.

90 degrees 4D adjustable armrests. The side bolsters are annoying.
Integrated headrest. The lumbar pillow is not too soft.
High straight back for more comfort. -


  1. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat

DXRacer Formula Series DOHFD01 Newedge Edition Racing Bucket
The formula series is a top choice for many gamer who dream an affordable computer seat with luxury design and good durability. This type series are well known by many esport players. I guess most of us are so familiar with many sport gamer such as DOTA 2, Overwatch and many other games. We love these kind games because it needs some good tactics and planning on it. We cannot just play it without thinking any strategy or plan because it would ruin the entire game. You could imagine how the most popular gamer recommend this seat as the best choice for many hours they spend on these games. Of course you get the same experience like what they feel.

There are some reasons why they love it. The main reasons are because the complete package and full features packed in the inside. For example is the caster and wheels. For those many of you who are not familiar with it, caster and wheels are few things that you find on many common or premium furniture. This thing allows you to move freely without having to stand up from your comfort area. I am so lucky because the caster and wheels are top quality and even easier to move it on hardwood. The default casters are good enough and never make any scratch on your floors. There some good replacements on the market, but you don’t need it because the default one already great.

The rest features are also great and making you easily falls in love with it. You could find some usable features that make your experience on gaming and working boosted to the maximum. The result is different in comparable with the line up from another company. The universal casters and black nylon star bases are some top of them. Be sure to check your BMI and you are ready to check it. It is recommended for height around 1.73 m and weight around 90.7 kilograms.

Nylon base with extra-long footrests. The seat wings are too tight.
Extra higher backrest. Not suitable for big person.
Headrest and lumbar cushions are included. -


  1. N Seat Pro 600 Series Executive Racing Design Computer Seat

N Seat Pro 600 Series Executive Racing Design Computer Seat
N Seat has always incorporate ergonomic principles to deliver the most superior support and comfort to all of their line up series. The furniture dramatically improves the consumer’s experience on many situational cases such as playing games or doing personal work. you don’t need to worry of losing of your much money because it is specifically designed for people who sit for hours at the front of desktop. The comfort you are needed is different to what activities that you would do. It can give you the comfort when need it most. The furniture might too popular, but for the comfort and quality are good in comparable with DXRacer or X Rocker.

I have put some good points that make you interested to try this one. The first is the material. The material is made from the mixture of synthetic PVC and carbon fiber for easier to maintain and cleaning after you use it. It also designed to be breathable for better air support and experience on using it. The materials for me are not only strong and durable, but also it gives some accents of premium looks on it. For better movement, they provide us with premium nylon wheels with coating that is perfect to move around since it would never easily scratch of your floors. You find many of similar choice, but for the wheels are different. Some of them are not made for some serious movement and the result is so bad because it could scratch and even break of your floors.

There are so many reasons to not miss to try this furniture. You could expect some good things on it and there might more than it ever. The usable features and design are specifically made to satisfy the users by using it. Sit on it for more than 6 hours is a piece of cake because it has ergonomic design with correct material. I really recommend you to try it so you can feel the realness and joyful experience.

5 high strength nylon/PVC casters. The price is quite expensive.
Memory foam headrest and lumbar support. The armrests could be wobbly.
360 degrees rotation and adjustable height. -


  1. Office Star High Back Progrid Freeflex

Office Star High Back Progrid Freeflex
Office Star High Back Progrid Freeflex is may not be what every gamer dream of. The cheap price and the comfortable to use are the reason why I put it on the list. Every people have their own opinion toward something and this thing is probably not bad at all to try. The charismatic design and solid black design would make every people interested to take look at it closely. The solid black design is showing us for everything that this product could provide to you. The design is minimalist and there is not much thing to expect, but the feel and experience is really remarkable since its simple and the weight is light for good product like this.

I will show you three modules which are perfect to suit your needs. The chair is well equipped with three modules that are easily to be adjusted. There is one on the back, one for the armrests, and the last is located on the height. What I love about these modules is the ability to adjust it easily based on our preference. If you are a tall person like me, you just need to set the back a bit higher and it would be good for you. If you are person with big shoulder, you just want to adjust the armrests so it can give you better flexibility and wider area to move. Relaxing on this chair is also piece of cake because it has some good areas for the height. Everything that you need is available and easy to use.

The appearance is not too appealing if we compare it with some other choices on the market. You will find lot of them with better specifications and full of stuff. But if we talk about the price and performance for the penny you spent, this furniture is the champion for all of it. Be wise on choosing good furniture for you and It might a good idea for considering of this thing.

Full three modules with easy adjustment. The cushion included is cheap.
One touches pneumatic seat height. Need some adjustment for different result.
Breathable progrid back. -


  1. SAYL Chair By Herman Miller

SAYL Chair By Herman Miller
The innovation in industry becomes more and more complex every year. We could also see it on many modern furniture. One of few products that bring a significant innovation is coming from this seat. There are at least two innovations that are available which are arcspan shapes the back and great anchors suspension fabric. The company really proves that to be innovative, we don’t need some expensive premium product to make it happen. The clear prove is showed by this one. The both of working or long hours on gaming are easy task to do. It comes with great flexibility and multi customization features to target a wider consumer.

I cannot imagine how such hard work they put on this one to make it looks so great. I found so many things that I never find on any furniture i have reviewed before. For example such as 3D intelligent technology, the feature allows the chair to support you need into the back material and eliminating the hard edges and need for frame. Keep in mind that the suspension is made flexible that would adapt to each person’s different posture and provide the exceptional comfort and support for all of body postures. The next amazing thing is elegant anywhere that they said on their marketing. I don’t believe it at first and trying to put it on all of my rooms. The result is not that bad because I think it can perfectly match every my room design and it feels so great in my opinion.

The price for this beauty furniture is expensive; you could afford some cheaper one with my previous list. If you are not really matter with the look of your seat, then this kind of thing is not designed to suit of your preference. But if you are trying to find something spectacular and need a chair that comes with fantastic design and withstand years, then I recommend you to pick this made chair.

Elegant and premium look. Standard casters are not made for hardwood.
Good for long time activities including gaming and working. The plastic mesh is little uncomfortable.
Top notch durability. -


  1. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Seat

X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair 51259 H3 4.1 Audio
I have put X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 on this list because of several reasons. At first, if you are a true console gamer, you probably spending all of your time playing games on the front of TV. This one is really great for you because you could just sit back and enjoy every moment you have nicely on the front of TV. For a console gamer like me, getting the best place for playing games is better. I try to use my desktop seat as my main place, but the result is so different from what I expect. I guess the reason because the seat is not designed for Console gamer.

The X Rocker 5125 is also recommended for many other activities such as relaxing and reading as well. The product features four speakers for better immersion surround sound and total experience on every single activity. You don’t need to worry about the audio quality because it has good subwoofer. I feel the audio quality is good and balance. Balance means here the audio is not too loud and is able to keep the song or music we are played sounds so crisp. I have tested for several time and the results are same.

Furthermore, there is one thing that I really enjoy here. it has a built in wireless transmitter and wireless receiver capabilities for streaming your audio without any cable. If you want a better quality, you could plug it on RCA outputs, but the wireless one is already good and you don’t need wired audio anymore. It’s full of features, but they also don’t forget to add more comfort when we use it. The headrest for me is padded and pretty soft and the gun stock arms are wider enough for my big shoulder. I always have some problems with smaller armrests because i could not fit well. Luckily the armrests included are wider enough and allow for fantastic stability and comfort. All in one package are available if you dare to try this thing.

Ace Bayou’s Innovative Technology. It is not recommended to fold it.
Additional vibration motors. There is not little gap between arms and side.
Built in wireless audio. -


  1. Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series Black

Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series Black
The black carbon edition of Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series is mostly the best choice for more striking seat for my review. I have received the seat a few months ago and deciding to add a short opinion toward it. For the design, my first opinion is so full with many thoughts. First I thought it is fantastic, but after several reasons I feel it too many similarity with many common chair. I don’t too interest in single full color in many types furniture. I feel that if it has 2 or more colors. It will add better flexibility and better design for my decoration. But still the design is very promising as you could see from every detail on it.

After I unboxed the seat, finding the screw holes on the back makes me angry, I don’t know if it just me or not because finding them is like we are trying to find a needle in straw. It leads me to almost 40 minutes to full install it. Well not bad at all, but after i see the final built I could say that it has a great sturdy design and well made. Comfort and nice are my thoughts for this furniture. I don’t recommend you to choose white color at least you want to spend of your little time on cleaning it after you use it because the material are so easy to get dirt.

The next thing will make you interested are. The company defining it into the best chair that suit to every consumer or gamer. First it has cushioned and contoured to the shape of the arm with adjustable 4 directions. The directions are not limited to some angles and varied. The next is padding, I found many of them are coming with the padding that is too padded and uncomfortable. The stuff here is different because it perfectly suits my taste because it is not too soft or hard. You need to be prepared for the price for buying it.

Elegant and sleek exterior. It’s kind of small seat.
Cushioned and contoured are perfectly made. The lumbar cushion is bulbous.
Premium and solid padding. -


  1. GTR Simulator Touring Model With Real Racing Seat

GTR Simulator Touring Model With Real Racing Seat
Now I am so in love with some racing seats simulator series. The main the reason is because I tried one of them on Openwheeler. The nice and realness feeling are fantastic and could not be described in any word. I try many of chairs in few years, but none of them are giving me the realness like I become the part of game or movie I played. The design and stuff are the part of things that add the simultaneous feeling toward it. Using it for while will pull you to know it deeper. This is also the same feeling I got with GTR Simulator, but with some extra details.

It has the same concept and style with Openwheeler. You must think if it has the same concept and then why should I bother buy a copy of original. Well, you have the right opinion here, but what makes the different is, the chair now comes with more advances technology. The actual steering wheel, actual accelerators and breaks, and actual gear shifts are better in not only the way he handle it, but also the comfort it has is different when I hold it. When I try Openwheeler, I still have some little feeling of toys on it and it doesn’t happen with this. The steering for example is well made like we find in the real car.

The design is meant to show us the realness like we are driving a real racing car. But it still different with the real car, the GTR Simulator is designed to be ergonomically and optimal for every normal user or gamer. The stuff such as steering wheel is located in the front of the racing pedals to avoid the driver free of obstruction from stepping on their brake and gas pedals. Well I could not say more about how I really love it. This one could be better than any similar model because of the advances technology that the company put on here. If you are a fan of racing games, you should try and even buy it.

Shift holder is included. The assembly instructions are not clear.
Fully reclineable racing seat. The pedal plate doesn’t have holes drilled.
Powder coated frame. -


  1. Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair

Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair
If you are not satisfy enough with the great choices above, then this last one probably will make you interested. The biggest selling point for this one is pointed on its reclining feature. I have tested some reclining features on few products. I can make sure that it might take a while for me to enjoy it. first, I thought that would get the same feeling on this furniture, but I make it wrong because the thing is so comfortable and easy to use even if your just sitting on it. The range angles between 90- 180 degree are so good and give me some great viewing angles on my computer. I am sure that the company was working really hard to provide it and the result is not disappointing. I guess I really enjoy this one and will make it as my main computer seat.

The company has put so much time and details to deliver us a true modern seat that is precisely suitable not only for playing games, but also working. Those who spend of their most time on the front of computer would need a ergonomically seat to make their activities more optimal. I found that many reviewers boasted that the furniture allow them to enjoy all of their games without resulting any pain as the result of using it for long hours. You don’t need to step away from it just because the uncomfortable. You could use it even for all day if you want. It also comes with 360 degree swivel for easier movement without jumping off from it. The wheels are pretty good and might also compatible with hardwood.

For those reasons, I recommend you to considering it as one of your best solution for gaming or working place. The comfort and usable features are working nicely in harmony. You don’t need worry of some unusable stuff because they already put all of them in good way. You would find it useful and easier to reach thanks to its fantastic design. I could not recommend any more product since everything is available here.

Stable construction with steel and blue synthetic leather. The core is wobbly.
360 degree swivel. The armrest can be better.
90-150 degrees single adjuster height. -



There are many of factors as the main considerations for choosing a gaming chair. The first maybe really depend on how much money you will spend on it. It could be expensive or and affordable one it all backs to your preferences. You might want to invest it a little since it increases the working and playing games performance and experience.

From that point, it would result to what kind of seat that you would choose or prefer. Most of gamers nowadays are teenagers who easily spend their thousands money on only single product. I don’t have any problem with that, but at least be a smart buyer to make sure you don’t spend it uselessly. At last, enjoy the list and make a comment if you have any question related.

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