Bowser & Wilkins NM-1 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Bowser & Wilkins NM-1 Bookshelf Speaker

Bowser & Wilkins NM-1 is not an easy product for you to miss. You would find thousands of audio gadgets outside there, but not all of them could satisfy of your needs on music entertainment. You could afford some cheap made audio product, but it would be better if you want to afford more since the experience and performance would be so much different. I didn’t say that cheap one is bad because sometimes some of them are able to make our surprise with their performance. I just have to stress that if spend more on it, it would be lot of saver for you because you don’t have to change of it in couple years. For under 500 dollars, Bowser & Wilkins NM-1 is a good choice for you since everything packed inside is top notch. You are not only getting the best on sounds quality, but also the bass is acceptable. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

The Specifications

Everything that they put inside here is actually quite surprising me. I didn’t find any common parts pack on the inside. I guess they put their own parts that make it really different. I don’t want to talk about the performance right now, but I would present the deeper specifications for this thing. The design is the first thing that I need you to know. For me the design is really fit to young people and feels so stylish. They put the speaker on black colors with some finishing touches with aluminum on the top and center of it. The elegance looks of it makes me comfortable to see and listening it for more hours. I guess there is nothing wrong with the design and I think you are going to love it.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Hi-Fi

The bookshelf speaker itself is coming with two ways driver. I guess you are wondering why I have to put my choice on two ways driver since I can get more of them with the same price. Well, you are going to find it on our next section. The driver is pretty much good where they put with full active loud speaker design with their own technology. It was designed with nautilus tube tweeters and packed with three mid range bass driver for better performance. You also get the very minimal power with only feature an internal 18 watt. It is pretty much a live saver if you don’t want to spend much on your electric bill. One thing that I love from its specification is the frequency ranges. The gadget is capable running of frequencies from 38 Hz to 22 kHz. You need to know that the wider frequencies it has, the wider of genre music that it can play. It is one of the biggest selling and probably really worth to try.

From my perspective view, there is nothing wrong with the specifications because what I found during my review is great. They really push the budget into the maximum and it’s able to deliver us a very high quality product without destroying our pocket. For the next section, we are going to talk about the performance.

Bowser & Wilkins NM-1 Bookshelf Speaker Main Specifications
Item Weight: 6.55 pounds
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Manufactures: Bowser & Wilkins
Product Dimension: 13.1 x 9.6 x 9.4 inches


Listening And Performance

The performance is one of the most important things since it would be so useless if the performance is not comparable with the price. You don’t need to worry about the performance because I have tested it for entire weeks and I have found some annoying thing from it. The performance on bass and sounds clarity is great. The bass power is good that it is able to easily fulfill of your room. I also didn’t found any noise distortion on the highest volume, but probably I need to do more of test to make sure of it. I cannot clearly say that the bass is great.

The next one is sounds clarity. The sounds clarity is feeling so balance here. You need to know that the speaker is not trying to add enhancement to your music that you will play, but they keep the original one. It is great if you prefer listen the original music without some useless enhancement. The only thing that you need consider is the mids sounds. It appears that it sounds not too good. Sometimes it misses some details and might be annoying for you. That’s all that i could talk about the performance on it. You probably need to check since the price and performance is worth.

True hi-fi quality sounds. The wire setup at boom is breaking the good design.
Stream audio instantly from any PC. The mids doesn’t too great on high volume.
Compatible with both Mac and Windows. -



There is not much any big compliance beside on its lack of details on mids. You cannot easily find similar product with this one on this price tag. For under 500 dollars, it could provide the best experience that you never have as an audiophile. Maybe it is the right time for you to move on it. Please make any comment if you have any question.

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