Top 7 Cheap Computer Towers December 2017

The term of computer today might be different several years ago. Technology in this field grows exponentially. Manufacturers try to catch up with customer need and fulfill their expectation. However, there is still place for cheap computer towers because people only concern about functionality. High-performance laptop might be suitable for people who work in digital area. Unfortunately, most of them only use it for mere tasks. To prevent such thing, computer tower is still eligible to handle daily task. It is the time to think about efficiency and put it in good use. Get rid of your desire to buy new laptop because of fashion. To help you finding the affordable and cheap computer, this article will explore seven products to match your needs.

Affordable and Cheap Computer on Market

ASUS M32AD Desktop

ASUS M32AD DesktopSimple but powerful is the first thing that come in mind when see ASUS M32AD Desktop. Asus has been in PC industry since long time ago and several products are designed for heavy task. ASUS M32AD Desktop uses Intel core i3-4170 3.7 GHz as processor. To support graphic performance, Intel HD 4400 will handle that job effectively. RAM is available in 8 GB DDR3. To store data, you will receive 1 TB HDD. Many applications and games can be installed then still left enough space to put your digital files. SonicMaster will create clear sound and high definition to support the game.

Windows 10 is already installed. Gamer just make some adjustment without configuring from the beginning. Additional ports for input/output mode are USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, MAN, microphone, headphone, Speaker, and audio. Therefore, this PC has affordable price. Customer gets keyboard, mouse, and power cord as parts of purchasing package.


ASUS M32CD Desktop

ASUS M32CD DesktopASUS M32CD Desktop uses Intel Core i5 6400. The processor is quad core type and has capability of 2.7 GHz. Customer can enhance it up to 3.3 GHz. The video graphic is supported by Intel 530 HD Graphic. For RAM, this PC uses 8 GB DDR4. Graphic card from Intel is integrated on main processor. You can see stunning view on the screen. Its RAM has capability to deliver multitasking process in short time. Moreover, the storage is 1 TB HDD with 7200 RPM. It is the latest technology in hard drive to match with basic requirement. Install more applications without worry about running out of spaces. For operating system, it uses windows 10 home edition 64-bit. Therefore, this PC is what you need to support your work daily.


Acer Aspire AXC-705-UR53

Acer Aspire AXC-705-UR53You can find Intel Core 13 4160 as processor of Acer Aspire AXC-705-UR53. The graphic performance is delivered by Intel HD 4400. For RAM, Acer gives 4 GB DDR3 and customers can customize it to suit their needs. With these specifications, Acer Aspire AXC-705-UR53 is dedicated for people who have limited budget. Low cost product does not mean less powerful. 1 TB HDD is available to store anything from small file to most consumable space, such as HD movie. With this storage, customer is able to install ton of applications. Additional parts are Bluetooth 4.0, DVD double layer drive, 5.1 channel audio, USB 3.0 and 2,0 ports, and HDMI port.


Dell OptiPlex 780 SFF Computer

Dell OptiPlex 780 SFF ComputerDell OptiPlex 780 SFF has Intel Core 2 Duo with 64 cache and 3.0 GHz to deliver basic computer function on your home. It can be maximized up to 3.0 GHz. Intel HD Graphic will support graphic section. This part is integrated on motherboard, so customer does not have to buy it separately. For RAM, this product has 8 GB DDR3 and 1 TB HDD for storage. Dell provides windows 7 professional as operating system in this device. To support the main parts, this PC has several additional specs. There are DVD RW drive, USB ports, VGA and HDMI ports, jack audio, Ethernet, and PCI express x16. Therefore, Dell OptiPlex 780 SFF is capable to handle many tasks effectively and efficiently.


Dell OptiPlex 790 Desktop PC

Dell OptiPlex 790 Desktop PCUsing refurbished product does not mean it has low quality and performance. Many products from this category can compete and prove to be reliable. Dell OptiPlex 790 Desktop PC might be refurbished product, but you cannot deny its capability. It uses Intel core i3 2130. The RAM is 4 GB that adequate to do multitasking without too much delaying time. Storage capacity is 250 GB and customers can upgrade based on their needs. With such specs, this PC requires less power and can save cost for maintenance. It is suitable for small business where PC is only for administrative purpose. The operating system is windows 7 professional. This product represents truly cheap computer towers


Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 10AU00ESUS Computer

Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 10AU00ESUS ComputerLenovo ThinkCentre E73 uses Intel Core i3 4150 as processor. The graphic is supported by Intel HD Graphics 4400 and 4 GB on RAM. You can use this computer at home to do many things such as typing, browsing, listen music, or watching movie. Being cheap product does not reduce capability of Lenovo ThinkCentre E73. You can play HD movie after updating some applications without hardware update. To save the files, manufacturer provides 50 GB SATA. For operating system, it uses windows 7 professional. Purchasing package will be included some parts, such as USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, multi DVD drive, HDMI port as well as audio output.


Dell Inspiron i3646-2600BLK PC

Dell Inspiron i3646-2600BLK PCDell Inspiron i3646-2600BLK incorporates Intel Pentium 32800 with Quad-core type. Manufacturer provides windows 8.1 as operating system to support the customer work. This PC is suitable for digital secretary or personal utilization where the task is simple, but requires utmost concern. Dell Inspiron i3646-2600BLK can handle word and spreadsheet job efficiently. Its RAM is 4 GB and 500 GB of storage. Manufacturer places wireless device to connect through internet. This product focuses on functionality and capability without losing the reliability.


As it mentioned above, low price product does not mean less performance to fulfill the multitasking job. You are able to conduct extensive calculation on spreadsheet application while typing document at the same time. For entertainment activity, those PC’s can play your favorite song and produce the excellent audio. The other stuff is watching movie. However, people pick affordable PC for functionality purpose such as collecting data, secretary related task, document management, and storing file. Cheap computer towers can be found at store. The advantage of buying these computers is you do not need to do assembly by yourself. More importantly, buying all-in-one model is cheaper than having the parts one by one then put them together. Therefore, these products are qualified to fulfill your need daily.

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