Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Review

Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Review

In the past, getting a gaming headset with an affordable price is looking a needle in the straw. All of them will cost more than 200 dollars for each one. That’s a quite tough for some people because most of them don’t want to spend that much for their audio headset. I also think it twice because I am having many different things to afford with my money. But these few years, the market target becomes so much different. The company is pushed to provide the consumer an affordable product with an acceptable performance. Corsair is one of few companies that are trying to enter that market. The price is cheap, but is it much better than the premium one? Let’s find out. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

A different Approach With Unusual Design

First, I need to say the Corsair is making so many improvements with this gaming headset in comparable with their previous release. They throw out their new tribal logo and then decided to use their old traditional design. I don’t really know why they decided to put a new logo while the old one is much better. I am really happy that now they back with their original design. Talking about the design, I have to say that they put an unusual style on it. It looks weird in a good way. The shape on the ear cups are much shaped rather than using the round one. Sometimes it feels odd and cool when I am using it on the public area. Well, you might need to see it closely because you might don’t like the design.

Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Review 2

The style on design is weird, but the durability is good. You would find a padded metal headband and metal hinges. Both of them are solid and it doesn’t look cheap at all. The product is looks like premium one in term of durability. One thing that I notice here is the placement of headband and hinges that little too upward. I didn’t find it nicely first, but after a few tries I noticed that it was giving a better balance weight on it. You will find any problem on using it at first, but at the end you will see that it is much comfortable to use it for long duration.

One thing that you might need to know is the weight of the product. I have to say that it’s so heavy to use. It’s just me or not, but I think the weight is even heavier than most of wireless one that I have tested. I usually use a headset when I am going to any conference, but not for this one because I could not use it with my smartphone because it’s heavy. But if you are looking for the one for just playing games for many hours, then it is still comfortable enough for long duration.

Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Main Specifications
Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
Connection Type: Wireless
Manufactures: Corsair
Product Dimension: 9 x 4.3 x 9.6 inches


Solid Performance

The real test for this product is located on the sounds quality. The sound for me is really good. one biggest different thing between cheap wired headset and cheap wireless speaker is located on the audio quality. You would get much better audio performance in the wired headset. For cheap one, Corsair Gaming VOID is proving everything that I want for normal gaming usage. Don’t compare it with the wired one because the performance would be huge difference. This thing is designed only for people who don’t like to be wired, if you love any wired headset then you need to check HyperX Cloud II.

The performance is still bright and there are huge improvements than the original model. The mid end sounds now clearer even though the bass still lack the punch on bass. I only noticed some audio slickness, but it doesn’t happen every time and not too noticeable. Again for its cheap, I have to give big compliment on it.

Wireless capability. Its bit heavy.
More than 16 hours batter life. It lacks power on the bass.
The audio performance is good. -



If you are type of person who doesn’t like to go wired at all, then you might really need to check this product. I don’t recommend using it on the outside because of the weight, but using it for playing games is much better because you don’t have to think about the wire anymore. The wireless range is good enough and you could enjoy it on your sofa. At last, please make any comment if you have any question about it.

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