CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Extreme VR GXIVR8020A2 700 Dollars Gaming PC

CyberPowerPC Gamer Extreme VR GXIVR8020A2
There are so many good modern computer on the range price of 700 dollars best PC. On this price range you will get good performance desktop with lots of features. You can also playing your favorites games on medium or high setting and even some of them are allowed you to play VR games on this good desktop. The performance may not better than modern PC under 800 dollars, but the performance is still good enough to enjoy of your VR games on this price range. One of good modern desktop that can play most of VR games on this range of price is CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Extreme VR GXIVR8020A2. This is one of another good prebuilt modern desktop from this company. This great desktop features many of things that make your own experience become more enjoyable. This nice product is VR ready and it also has minimalist design that will make you really love of it’s every detail. So, in this review we will take a look closer to the full review of this good product.

Design and Features

This nice desktop comes with a really minimalist design, but with some touch of premium style. If you already have a modern computer from CYBERPOWERPC, you must really recognize this design. The design is simple, but it still gives some good taste on looking of it’s unique design. The dimension of this nice product is around 20.2 x 9.2 x 21.6, its actually not really bad for a modern computer for this range of price. The weight of the hardware and it’s component is only around 32 pounds. This weight for us is still acceptable with all of its features.

This nice product looks so great with it’s dimension packed into it’s solid case. On this good one you will get mid tower case design with tempered glass panel on the both sides of it’s body. This panel has a clear view panel that will let you see everything inside . It’s really good for some people who loves to see or to show their personal computer to their friends. Trust us with this good looks, you are not going to be worry to show it to your friends.

Talk about the features, this nice one provides you many things to support of everything for great experience on playing games. For the RAM, you will get 8GB DDR4 RAM packed into the motherboard inside. Remember that this RAM is not DDR3, but DDR4 RAM. With this new RAM you will get better performance on every aspect including faster booting system, faster loading times, and faster on doing some multi tasking works. You will also get WIFI and Bluetooth adapter ready to use on this one. You usually need to buy another part to enjoy this feature, but on this modern computer you will have it ready to use anytime. These might be great things for considering buying of this nicest one.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Extreme VR GXIVR8020A2 Main Specifications
Processors: 3.0 GHZ Intel I5 7400
RAM : 8 GB
Graphics Card Unit: AMD RX 480
Hard Drive 1 TB SATA
Operating System Windows 10
Optical Drive Type : 20.2 x 9.2 x 21.6 inches
Optical Drive Type DVD RW



Actually processor is not as important as graphic card on a computer for playing games, but still, having a good power processor is needed for a better multi task work. This is because you are not only going to use it not for playing games, but also doing another some heavy tasks such as watching, editing or rendering video, and many other things. That’s the reason why you really need a good processor in order to do all of these things in good stable performance. You can also save more of your money if you are having good processor because you don’t need to upgrade it few years later.

Furthermore for the processor, you will get Intel I5 7400 3.0 GHZ. Yeah this computer series is not featuring a Skylake processor, but Kabylake processor. You probably already know about this newest processor. This new processor uses the latest technology from Intel that brings a significant boost performance than it’s predecessor. Intel promises us that this processor will be far better in term of performance and stability. We are doing some test and the result is we were getting a better performance on running games and apps. The performance is might not too comparable, but the power consumption is really impressed us because it can save your power more than 25 percent. This is good thing if you want a new modern computer with better power consumption.

Graphic Performance

Well for this case, you will get a top notch graphic performance on this new computer. Thanks to its AMD Radeon RX 480. This graphic card is one of the best choices for medium or high range graphic card. This graphic card has some new features on it’s powerful async shader and new geometry capabilities support for Directx12 and Vulkan. This newest graphic card will support Vulkan, so don’t be worry to play of your high setting games because you can play all of its on this great specs computer. The Vulkan support on many games may not too significant for now, but still it has a nice saving for future proof computer.

One of the things that we really love from this great desktop is its features on controlling of your games. This nice one has a feature called as “Game Changing Control” that will allowed you to do some customization on each clock on your games. You can also control the temperature for the components inside, and also doing some of over clocks if you need more power. Just be careful on doing some over clocks if you are not familiar with this feature. This extra feature will really help you maximize your modern computer performance to the maximal.

VR ready. The design is too simple.
AMD RX 480. No Bluetooth.
Good performance on gaming. -



We can say that this good computer is able to do some good works on playing games and doing multi tasking work. We are really happy with the performance of this good computer, but still for more performance and more enjoyable experience, you can try best PC under 1000 dollars on this article. This high specs computer can provide you HD performance to your all of your games with its high quality CPU and GPU. But still it’s your choice to determining this nice one is worth or not.

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