CyberPowerPc Gamer Ultra GUA3100A Gaming Desktop

Computer platform is one of the good choices for people to enjoy their playing games experience. Many people prefer to use computer platform rather than using a console. They think that having computer platform is a better choice because they can do all of the things on their desktop including their personal work without spending an extra money to buy an expensive console. So, in this article we are going to take a look on The more detail about this modern computer product. This computer is a high performance product that is really suitable for playing games performance and personal work. This one is shipped with an AMD R7 240 graphics and a powerful FX 4300 Quad core processor for good performance alongside with an enjoyable multimedia experience. So now let’s take a look a full review of this good computer

Specifications and Features

One of the most important things in modern desktop is the specifications on the inside itself. Without a good specifications and performance we cannot call a desktop as a good computer. So that’s why this one is with an AMD FX 4300 Quad core processor which has a normal clock for 3.8 GHZ and can be boosted to 4.0 GHZ on turbo mode.

CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A Desktop

If we Talking about processor itself. AMD FX 4300 is one of good processors for playing games. This CPU has a quad core model which resulting a high multi tasking performance comparable to another processor. This CPU series is operated on normal 3.80 GHZ which is faster than any normal processor unit.

For the memory, this product is well equipped with a massive 8GB DDR3 Dual Channel. But, if you are still not enough with this 8GB memory, you can upgrade this one with 16 or 32 GB memory which are supported by this motherboard. One of the advantageous of this one is its equipped with 1TB storage of space of 7200RPM which is a lot of faster than any common standard of hard drive. So this one is really suitable to store of hundred your favorite games.

All of this series computer is also included with a black 102 key keyboard with an illuminated LED design. This keyboard features 8 unique multimedia keys which has a very good design and comfortable keypads. With this keyboard you can enjoy an enjoyable true experience.

Regarding of the design, the product is really looks good in this case. As you can see this product has very good look with black and red design. On the left side there is also a transparent case which is really good to see and to show it to your friends.


So now let’s take a look to a performance of this thing. I can say that the performance of this one for playing games is very good. You may not getting any performance issue or lag on the playing games test. Users would be able to do any multi tasking tasks and a huge variety of games. But certainly you may not be able to play any of games in high setting.

This computer features the AMD R7 240. This R7 series of graphic cards will give you a high performance and great visual while you are playing of your games. You can get 60 FPS frame rate with many of online games in 1080p without sacrificing the performance of this product. However you may not get some great performance in some games, but with some games such as Counter Strike, Mine craft or some other FPS games, you would still be able to get good performance in playing games. So in order to get more performance you may need to lower the resolution or lower the setting for smoother experience. Keep in mind that R7 is a not top class graphic card, but as I said before you can still get a top notch enjoyable experience on this product.

The R7 240 graphics card has the same performance that can be comparable with the latest Intel Skylake CPU and it comes with the same performance but with a cheaper cost.

CyberPowerPc Gamer Ultra GUA3100A Main Specifications
Processors : 3.8 GHZ FX 4300
Graphics Card : Unit AMD Radeon R7
Hard Drive : 1 TB SATA III
Graphics Card RAM Size : 2 GB
Operating System : Windows 10 Home
Product Dimensions : 17.5 x 7.9 x 17 inches
Optical Drive Type : 24X DVD RW DL

Video Screens

This product is supported for up two displays which come from the graphic card, so you can connect two monitors into one. It also features 3 different types of ports including: VGA port, HDMI port, and single link DVI-ID port. Based on the R7 specifications, you can expect of 4K resolutions if your monitor is supported. You can also expect audio quality of this thing, thanks to Realtek HD codec high definition.

Comes with Windows 10 home preinstalled – you don’t need to install any of windows software. It doesn’t come with a wireless adapter - separated part is needed.
Full of upgradable components – this what everyone wants, this PC is upgradable for future proof plan. It comes with only of USB 2.0 – there is no USB 3.0 which is one of the downside.
Good looking case with an enormous design and side transparent. The graphics card is not the best among of all.
A very impressed of keyboard and mouse. -


The Verdict

This computer is one of the good solutions for people who want a good enjoyable experience, but with simpler way. That’s why there are so many companies provided a very well built good computer with an affordable Price. One of them is this good modern computer which can deliver a very good built quality and smooth performance, but with a cheaper price. You may not get great performance in some games, but still this thing is a great choice with a cheap cost and has a good looks design. So, if you are planning to buy this one you can enjoy a variety of games and be able to store a lot your favorite games in place. Here, I really suggest you to buy this one if you want a good stable performance with cheap prices.

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