DXRacer DOH/FD101/NG Gaming Chair Newedge Edition Formula Series

DXRacer DOH_FD101_NG Gaming Chair Newedge Edition Formula Series

Spending of your extra money on buying a gaming chair is not a bad idea actually. Sitting on the front of their desktop in long hours can be really tiring and it’s actually not our natural body position. So it would be a nice idea on investing our money on this good furniture. You probably want to think about the health of their back and your body. If you choose the bad one, it probably will hurt of your body and you need to spend more of your money as consequence. That’s why to put your money on buying good furniture is good case to prevent of this thing. One of the products that you could find on the internet is this great modern chair. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this product. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

The design for this modern chair is really unique and sturdy. Actually I am not the person who really likes a futuristic design in my decoration. But for this product, I will make the exception. The design of this product is really good to see. The design itself is pretty simple, but it felt so comfortable and supportive in my opinion. My first thought of this thing is so awesome and I really want to know deep more about this thing. So I put all of my effort on making this review.

DXRacer DOH_FD101_NG Gaming Chair

All of features from this great furniture are working great during my test. This product series is the answer for people who want to seek an affordable luxury. This furniture is well known in most esport player. Many of them really recommend this great furniture as your companion on playing of your favorite games. Your maximum performance would be really helpful by its nice features. You can find high density cold cure foam to make this one is still comfortable even after some long usage. If you are person who love to spend of most time to sit on the front of computer. This modern furniture would be working great on you. Another great feature is you can adjust of its high backrest to suit of your needs. With this great thing, you can easily rest on this nice furniture without worrying of hurting your back. This company has overcome this problem by providing you the best formula. In addition, you can also lower it to the most comfortable position for power napping during of their long overtime gaming session at day or night. Due its nice angle of position, you are sure to feel so comfortable.

Well, there are too many great things that you could enjoy from this product. We are really happy that the company wants to listen of our complaint. This case is really solving because now they provide us any good product with so many improvements that we have suggested before. If this one is keep happening. We would be really happy to some their products in the future.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD010/N Newedge Edition Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 57 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: DXRacer USA
Product Dimension: 27 x 21 x 50 inches



This is what the most important thing that I am really afraid from a modern chair. I feel that after some months of usage. It lost of its comfortable and starts to worry me. We actually have put lot of our money and it is just breaking on some months of usage. I really want this is not going to happen anymore with my new one. I am really sure that this is not going to happen with this one.

I start researching on the material that they put on this furniture. I found surprisingly that all of materials are so good especially on its arm and legs. It feels so durable and safe to use. Now I am not too afraid on breaking it anymore. For this thing, I think I can 100% guarantee that it can last longer. So if you are looking for the nicest material. You could find it here.

High quality material. It is quite heavy.
Nylon base. The arm rest are not too padded.
High straight back. -



I am sure that this one is the best in term of quality and nice features. You are probably feel bad to miss all of its. They pack everything in good way and make us so comfortable to use it even after more than 5 hours usage. This is what everyone for a good product on my investment. So do you think this is also what are you looking for.?

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