DXRacer DOH/FH08/NG Gaming Chair Formula Series Newedge Edition

DXRacer Formula Series DOHFH08NG Newedge Edition Gaming Chair

Gaming chair is needed to be comfortable to use. Theoretically, we won’t be able to fully optimize our maximum performance if the thing that we use is not comfortable. There are many other cases to consider but the most important one is the comfortable. We are really sure that you are going to spend your money on something that it is not comfortable to use. We really hope that the furniture that we will buy could be used on any situation and last longer. That’s what every gamer on this world wants. So here DXRacer is provided us formula series. This series is designed for every gamer to fully optimize their experience on playing games. So if you still using of your old chair, we guess you need to move on this one. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this product. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

Let’s be honest. We have reviewed so many products including many gaming chairs on the market. All of them have provided us different choices with many great things that they are trying provide. One thing that most important for me is the first impression. When my first impression is okay, I usually want to fully review about that product. My first impression about this one is actually not really bad. Well, I actually not prefer to have modern chair with PU material. I guess that PU material is not great enough to see because it doesn’t catch me well.

DXRacer Formula Series DOHFH08NG Newedge Edition Gaming Chair 2

I will make the exception for this furniture. That is actually not bad enough to have it with PU material. The design is minimalist and really catches me on the first look. They add aluminum color that makes it really different than any other similar one. This is my first time to have a modern chair with this color. I could feel the unique experience when I am using it and that is not bad at all. We think that by trying something that we don’t like, sometimes it can change our opinion about it. It is not always bad like we think.

Let’s moving from its good design, now let’s talk about feature on this furniture. The feature itself is really complete here. You could get the best enjoyable moment on playing games with this one. The first thing that you notice is the backrest. It can be adjusted to what our needs in every situation. If you are bored after playing games in many hours, you could easily rest by adjusting of its backrest. It also support for great head. It is flexible to use. The reclining feature is also another solid point here; you can lean back if you want to feel stable enough. One last thing we also need to consider is the ability to adjust of its arms. The arm height adjustment is really great. There is large number of setting that can be adjusted to get the optimum height where it is comfortable enough for you. You can lie of your arms nicely on this nice thing.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NG Newedge Edition Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 49 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: DXRacer USA
Product Dimension: 20 x 25 x 45 inches



Overall the gaming chair feels so well built and is really easy to assembly even for a beginner. The construction, stability, stitching and everything is so solid. The base is the key point where it is exceptionally strong for this furniture. We are really happy with its good quality material and probably will last long enough for you. This might the right choice for you.

This series might fit really well at around 5 feet. If you are taller, there is another model that you could find. You could still get this one because for me it is still comfortable enough even if you bit heftier. This thing would be a nice investment for you because of its great features and design.

Solid and durable. There is no tilt lock.
Big person friendly. The padding on chair is not too consistent.
The gas shock is reliable enough. -



I do love this chair, even there are some shortcomings. But I feel that everything that is packed is well enough for what every user is needed. There not too good choices outside there. This could be the best thing that you could find on the market. So make sure to check this chair and you probably would be surprised.

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