DXRacer DOH/OC168/N Origin Series Racing Bucket Gaming Chair

DXRacer Origin Series Racing Bucket Gaming Chair

The origin series is one of good recommendation DXRacer gaming chair. It uses a strong PU material and it also comes with many different types of color. There are some color choices that you can choose and all of them are really great. The nice combination between them are working in harmony and it would be looks cool even though on the first look. This series is actually really suitable for a gamer who is not heavier than 2000lb and smaller than 5.9. So if your weight and height are around. This one is probably one of your best choices. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this product. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

On it’s every product series. This company always brings the different design to make it different each other. It’s actually good because it will never make the consumer confuse on their product. For this one, they use PU material as the base material. This material is actually common on the similar one. This material is actually pretty solid and durable. It’s really different than any normal material. The looks might not be really good but you can still expect some good design on its color. Like In my other review, actually I don’t really love PU material since it’s not fit enough with my style. But for this one once again i need to make the exception. Sometimes there are so many companies which successfully bring the good design with this material. DXRacer here is one of those few successful companies. Even though the design is minimalist, it still looks great from the outside.

DXRacer Origin Series Racing Bucket Gaming Chair 2

Furthermore, let’s talk about the features. You really need to know that the product is not coming adjustable arms. As the result, they change the mechanism with conventional tilt. This thing is actually really great and easy to use. You might not get used at first, but after a couple of try. We are really sure that you are going to love it. Another feature is also back here. For example, this series is still comes with adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest. They are deciding to keep this one because they now that there are lots of customers love this thing. it would be really bad if they throw way this feature. Many people prefer a modern chair from this company because of that thing. With its adjustable headrest, you could easily rest or relaxing after many hours working on the front of your computer. For people like us, this thing is really needed in order to get the fully potential me. I really need to be able relax after couple hours of working and this furniture can provide it for me.

Another potential feature is located on its high back seat style with angle of 115. The viewing angel toward your computer would be really good here. It fit perfectly to our needs because now I can clearly see my computer without hurting of my back. This nice additional would also be perfect for you if spending your time on checking of this furniture.

DXRacer Origin Series Racing Bucket Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 43 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: DXRacer USA
Product Dimension: 27 x 22 x 49 inches


Real Life Usage and Performance

I have tested this product for a week to make sure that we are choosing the bad one to review. I also ask some of my friends to give their opinion. After a week of use, I could finally say that we are not making mistake on choosing this one. It can still keep of its comfort even after our serious test. Comfortable case is one of the issues that I always face on similar furniture.

Our friend’s opinions were also same. They said that they really love this furniture because of its nice feature and comfort to use. If your economic office chair hurting your back. Now we guess this is now the right time to move for a better choice. Once you feel of its, this could be the only thing that makes you good.

New conventional tilt. The lumbar cushion is might too big for some people.
Many good color choices. The armrest is not too comfortable.
High density shaping foam. -



This furniture is still worth enough even though there are some problems. We know that there is no perfect one outside there. You would be satisfied by everything that has been provided by the company. It might a good choice for you to move for a better experience. So you might need to this as your best recommendation.

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