DXRacer DOH/RE0/NO Gaming Chair Racing Series Bucket Esports

DXRacer DOH_RE0_NO Gaming Chair Racing Series Bucket Esports

DXRacer is really excellent for most of gamers. It is not only for a casual gamer but it is also even better for a hardcore gamer. Why? Because the quality is top notch and it would be really comfortable to use. It would be comfortable enough even after long hours usage. Their gaming chair is also catering for anyone who is considered as big. The designed is also appeal so stylish and ergonomics. You probably would love their design. One of their good products is coming from racing series. This is one of the best for an affordable one but with high quality material. We prepare this full review so you could decide that it is good enough or not. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this one. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

The R series is so ideal for gamers that has have height around 5.5 to 6.3 and weight from 115 to 180 lbs. This one is probably good enough if you are a big person because the weight maximum capacity is 265 lbs. So if you are heavier than 180 is not a big a problem as long as you are not heavier than 265 lbs. What I love from this product is located on its sleek and modern design. It looks so good and stylish. This furniture has so many varieties of color. You can decide and mix matches the right colors that you want. The design for this case is not a big problem in my opinion.

DXRacer DOH_RE0_NO Gaming Chair

This ergonomic chair has so many features that would easily satisfy of your needs. The first one that you notice is multi adjustable armrest. You could easily adjust the armrest up and down based on your needs. That is made to secure your shoulders so it would be comfortable enough for you. You also probably want to customize its height because it is easily to do for searching the perfect position for you. Another feature that you can find is the 170 degrees tilt mechanism. This awesome mechanism allows you to customize the most perfect viewing angle for you. This is so awesome because you can tilt it until 170 degrees. Relaxing the seat would be perfect after long hours usage on playing games and doing work. You don’t need to buy another one for just relaxing because you can get it on this product.

We could say that all of the features are so complete. If you are looking for furniture with big size and comfortable to use. This furniture might be really good as your companion. It has so many features that would really love and useful in many situations. You would find extra high backrest to save your neck and spinal. It’s really flexible and easy to handle. We can say that you will never hurt your back anymore.

DXRacer Racing Series Bucket Esports Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 49 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: DXRacer USA
Product Dimension: 27 x 21 x 49 inches


Portability and Durability

The portability is one of its biggest selling points. It features with high quality wheels and moving it from one place to another one is so easy and fast. Sometimes during work, we need to get something that which cannot be reached unless you are moving from chair. This case would be really breeze because you don’t need to get down from your comfort place since you can move it anywhere you want. This is a perfect thing if you want a good mobility during your session.

Furthermore, the durability is also top notch here. They put some of the highest quality material on this one. The arms, pillows, and almost everything is top quality. We are really sure that the furniture would last longer than any of your previous product. This case is happened because the effortless work from the company. So it would be really perfect for you.

Multi customizable armrest. The height adjustment is needed.
5 stars narrow aluminum base. The lumbar cushion is not too comfortable.
Special soft armrest. -



The good choice on picking good furniture is really important to get the maximum experience. You could check this product if is good enough. The feature and everything is really working well. Just make sure you go to their website first. You need to make sure that it would be good enough for your weight and weight. So enjoy it.

DXRacer DOH/FD99/NW Gaming Chair Newedge Edition
DXRacer DOH/DF73/NG Gaming Chair
DXRacer DOH/FH11/NE Gaming Chair Formula Series

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