DXRacer OH/FD99/NR Gaming Chair and Executive

DXRacer OHFD99NR Executive and Gaming Chair

Nowadays DXRacer series have been widely used by many gamers around the world. This thing are becoming widely accepted as the chair for competitive games tournament, notably featured at the largest gaming tournament and used by many top gamers. We are so proud to present you one of the best products from this company. This product is so popular and recommended by many popular gamers. So making an investment on this one is not a bad option because it will help you getting the best experience that you will never have before. If you are a true gamer, make sure you need to check this furniture. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this product. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

This product is actually designed for giving the best experience on playing games, but it is sure can also be used as your choice for relaxing and working too. All of those features are available nicely on this furniture. So matter activity that you will do on the front of your computer, it will bring you the maximum enjoyable experience. The design on this one is actually really common for the similar gaming chair from another company. But there is one thing that makes this furniture is so shine. The thing is the premium touch on its every edge. The company really polish the design them by many talented people. As the result, we really get the best design that we could find on the market. We are really sure that you are going to love this one because the style and design is not looks cheap.

DXRacer OHFD99NR Executive and Gaming Chair 2

You would find this one is really different than any other similar furniture in term of features. The series featured an adjustable backrest that could be easily adjusted to your needs. This thing is actually really important to keep you comfortable even after the long usage. Now relaxing on your favorite chair would be easily to do because of this nice thing. Another great thing that you also could find is the 170 degrees tilted arms that also can be easily adjusted. We have tested it and we feel that it is comfortable enough because of its nice adjustment. Actually we are really happy with this one.

The other things that you would test are also great here. All of them are packed nicely by this company. We are sure that now they really successful on bringing the best choice for many gamers outside there. If this keeps happening, we are really sure there would be more people prefer to buy from their series.

DXRacer OH/FD99/NR Executive and Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 57 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: DXRacer USA
Product Dimension: 27 x 21 x 50 inches


Durability and accessibility

The most important case that we need to test is the stability to hold of our weight. We have tested by allowing of some of my friend to sit on this great furniture. The result is quite surprising here because it can hold even the heaviest user. It is happened because it has stable metal five points under of its base. This stable metal points that makes the furniture is keep stable even after long usage. It also offers with a gas spring, allowing the users to adjust for varying heights to better meet the perfect needs for doing personal work or playing games.

There is no problem on the durability side and what about accessibility? Well actually we didn’t found any problem on this case. All of the extra features are working fine during our test. All of them can be accessed with ease. It’s really easy and even the assembly time is only takes 20 minutes. We are sure it helps the users saving the time on assembling the furniture because the manual and everything is good here. You just need to put some screws and you are done.

Stable five points metal base. The cushion foam is not really great.
Perfect as multi-function chair. The weight is quite heavy.
High quality material. -



Well the company has really keeps their product with the highest quality. It is manufactured under strict quality standard so don’t worry about the quality. They also offer you with so many things that you will need as the perfect solution for gaming and relaxing. So if you are really interested. Make sure to check of its now.

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