Top 10 Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair 2017

Best Gaming Chair Ergonomic

Everything that you do including playing games and doing personal work need a really comfortable place to do all of those things in good way. You will never get the maximum performance if your chair is not comfortable. That’s the case because all our minds are not focusing on the work but in the pain. That’s the reason why we need to choose a modern seat which is not the best in features or design, but the first thing that we need to consider is the ergonomic. Ergonomic seat nowadays become so popular since it can be used for such a long time without losing its comfortable. This thing becomes the first choice for many people since all of their works are depending on the comfort. Ergonomic gaming chair is different from any other specific seat such as DXRacer gaming chair because they are actually not really focusing on the features or the look but they really focus on providing the best one which can be depended on all of situations.

Getting a good modern furniture is might an easy job to do but this case could be pretty tough since all of the products looks really similar and you don’t know how to know that it will be comfortable or not for me. If you are looking the one who can support all your works or gaming in such a long time, then you could consider buying one of them with the tittle ergonomic on them. They put ergonomic on their title products because they are so sure that it can be used for many hours without losing of its comfortable. You can know if it is comfortable or not just from seeing its title. But sadly the case is not always happening. I found that many of them are really good, but they don’t add the ergonomic title on them. So taking the deep research is must in order to fully understand their material, characteristic and everything you need to know about them. I prepare some tips for you to make sure that your choice is great. It is not mandatory to be followed, but it would be great to know it. Let me show it.

What Is Ergonomic?

I guess you have heard of this word several times during browsing internet. You could really find this word in many types furniture and gaming chair. This word is actually really similar with comfort, but the comfort itself is only the small part from ergonomic. The term of ergonomic nowadays is so popular used by many great companies on their every single line products. They add this thing because it will make their furniture become more interested and will make people want to buy them. The case could make you worry since they just only add it without really care about their product. They sometimes are lying that tell their products are ergonomic, but later you found that it is not what you expect. So don’t be fooled by their gimmick to make sure that you are not choosing the bad one for you.

So now let’s we talk about the real definition of word itself. You are need to know that the meaning of word itself is not only for comfortable, but the meaning itself is more than you can imagine. The ergonomic means to the furniture that is not only comfort to use for such long time, but they also provide everything that you need to have for a better performance or experience on every single of your computer session. This is the real definition of the word. So you cannot really judge the furniture only from seeing it and you say it ergonomic. There are of more things which also important, so it can be called as ergonomic. So it really need a fully understand to know the real of meaning of it, so you need to be careful with their advertisement and marketing gimmick.

What To Look For

One of the best reasons why this gaming chair different is located on its unique design. There are so many things that would help you on finishing your work and gaming in good way. Many people around the world are sitting on the font of computer for more than 8 hours. The term of “sitting disease” is so popular and making many people a bit worried. The illness is not really that frightening actually. This is happened to many people because the effect of their bad style. They sit on the front of computers for more than 8 hours a day, but they not really worry about their health by choosing a bad place for working and gaming. This thing is would be bad if you keep it happening and might result some serious injuries on you. Unfortunately, long periods on the front of computer are unavoidable since everything is depended on it. There are some solutions for you in case this happening to you. You could pick some features that will help you on your busy hours.

The first one that can be considered is back and spine support. This one is may be usable for you since it would add the more comfort to your back. There are so many of them are coming with metal frame to support to make sure it gives the good area tensions for a better posture for our body. You can see the real different if you test it and finally you could see that the more comfort that you will get. The second one is leg support. Sometimes the legs play an important role in your sitting process. Your legs on this case would be helping on supporting of your body even when you are sitting. It would be great to have this feature because it make your legs would be free from this job. The leg support adds a better distribution weight and more comfort zone. That’s the things that you need to look from your modern seat.

ProductImageMaterialDimensionWeightColorWhere to Buy
  1. Merax U-Knight Ergonomic High back With PU Leather
Merax U-Knight Ergonomic High back With PU Leather PU/Leather 34 x 28 x 13 inches 48 pounds Black/Blue ORDER NOW
  1. Cohesion XP 11.2 Ottoman With Wireless
Cohesion XP 11.2 Ottoman With Wireless Leather - 30.7 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat
X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat Vinyl/Metal 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches 54.2 pounds Black ORDER NOW
  1. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01 Newedge Edition Racing Bucket
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01 Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Strong Mesh 27 x 21 x 50 inches 49 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. AKRACING AK-7018 Ergonomic Series Racing
AKRACING AK-7018 Ergonomic Series Racing Leather 35.2 x 28.5 x 31.1 inches 50.7 pounds Black/Green ORDER NOW
  1. AKRACING AK-5015 Nitro Series Gaming Chair
AKRACING AK-5015 Nitro Series Gaming Chair Leather 23.2 x 25.6 x 47.6 inches 50.7 pounds Black/White ORDER NOW
  1. Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator
Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Leather/Steel 64 x 22 x 40.5 inches 62 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series (Rev.2)
Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series (Rev.2) PU/Steel 20.9 x 20.5 x 55.1 inches 44.1 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Driving Reclinable Chair
Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Driving Reclinable Chair Steel/Leather 54 x 22 x 35 inches 55 pounds Black/Blue ORDER NOW
  1. Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair
Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair Synthetic 25 x 21 x 50 inches 50 pounds Black/White ORDER NOW

The All Top Ergonomic Gaming Chairs in 2017

We have put some good comparison detail for you as the best way to find which one of them is suit to your style and needs.  It would be easier for you to compare each one of them since I put lots of detail on them. If you are still confusing enough, please don’t worry because we make the good review each of them below. So please enjoy it.

  1. Merax U-Knight Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Merax U-Knight Ergonomic High back With PU Leather
My first choice is filled by the product from Merax. U-Knight series is a more enhanced version from their other line products. The price is bit higher from their series, but the experience and the comfort that you get would far better and worth for every of your penny. The first thing that you will notice is the design. The design is so beautiful with the nice selection colors with blue and black. The design could match even the premium product. It had u shape unique shape headrest that makes your every session more enjoyable. I guess this one of best for its design.

A good seat needs to have a big and sturdy base in order to keep balance of the weight. This product provides you with superb stability and great performance. I can say that the durability is good since It can hold my friend which is a big person easily. I am really hoping that furniture would last longer and I believe it will happen with this one. The next great thing is recline soft system. It adds more variety to your sitting position and also could be adjusted to 180 degree. The viewing zone becomes more varied and I really love it.

Big and sturdy base. The armrests are slightly padded.
High quality PU and leather material. Assembling the product could be tough for some people.
Recline locking system. -


  1. Cohesion XP 11.2 Ottoman With Wireless

Cohesion XP 11.2 Ottoman With Wireless
There are not many greats furniture with ergonomic design, but full with many great features. I decided to put this one because of its great design, wireless audio, and multi functionality. I expect the design will be great and I really get what I expect before. Keep in mind that the furniture has an ottoman style which would be too big for some people. For me itself, I really love this unique style because I can easily use it for a long time. The area is big to sit, so it easier for you getting the best position for your needs.

Furthermore, the feature that makes this one different is the wireless audio capability. If you are tired because you need to have so many cables for your audio, then this furniture could be the best choice for you. The audio capability is so great which you can connect every single of you gaming headset as long as it has the comfortable port. The audio quality is also great and having a good adjustment in my opinion,. I am sure your experience will be boosted by this great seat. So why don’t you pick it later.

Wireless audio capability. It’s a bit heavy.
Multi-functional features. The volume control is not great.
Sporty and stylish design. -


  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Seat
I am sure that you are so familiar with X Rocker. Their lines up products are widely used by many great esport gamers and many of them recommend you to try their computer seat as your perfect companion for playing games and working. I have this one for such a long time and finally decide to make the short review about it. You may recognize it similar with your old seat, but it actually the different one. This one is actually the enhance version for their old products and that’s the reason why it’s similar to you.

The pro series comes with many extra features and big improvements. The biggest one is coming from its audio sector. Now it has 2 built in stereo speakers for total immersion surround sound for more realistic experience during of playing your favorite games. The speaker is loud and crisps and I guess you don’t need to worry about the audio quality. If you don’t want people hearing of your noisy sounds, you could easily move its wireless audio capability. Say to goodbye to wired headset since now you don’t need to be trouble anymore why some annoying cords. I guess the reason why it worth to buy because of its great audio capability.

Built in Bluetooth. No charger for transmitter.
Separate controls volume. Leaning back is not easy to do.
Great audio capability. -


  1. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

DXRacer Formula Series DOHFD01 Newedge Edition Racing Bucket
I never have any worry to put the DXRacer furniture in my review because the quality and durability is top notch on their every series. I am sure it is a good choice to put into this list since you would be surprised by everything that is packaged on it. The design features, and everything is so well complete and satisfy of every gamer needs. The design itself is so well charming with nice combination between red and black colors. The design looks so natural and easily fit to every decoration in your rooms.

Now let’s talk about the greatness from it. I am so in love with gaming seat that can make me comfortable even for some serious usages. I need some features such as higher backrest and adjustable armrests to make it happen. I found those two things on this furniture and I am so happy with it. The first one is the backrest support. The backrest is higher enough for a tall person like me. It is flexible and easy to use, so it could be adjusted based on your body posture. The second is the armrests. I didn’t feel the armrests are wobbly or too paddle. The material is so soft and I think this is the reason why it is not happening on this product.

Nylon base with extra-long footrests. The seat wings are too tight.
Extra higher backrest. Not suitable for big person.
Headrest and lumbar cushions are included. -


  1. AKRACING AK-7018 Ergonomic Series Racing

AKRACING AK-7018 Ergonomic Series Racing
AKRACING if you don’t know is one of the biggest manufactures for a gaming seat. They are really serious on bringing the best choices by providing the best design and unique features that different it from many similar furniture outside there. AKRACING AK-7018 is a good choice because of its multi and ergonomic design. I get the similar great design like I get from DXracer on this thing. I didn’t feel the material is cheap when I touched it and the looks so awesome and unique in my opinion. This is an expensive buy, but the result is great.

One thing that different it’s from common product is located on its metal frame construction and multi-functional features. The metal constructions are heavily strong and push them a little will not make it easily move. The chair is extremely strong and safe. The safety system is so great and you not would be easily fall from it. The next is the feature which is so multi-function for every different session. The result on using it is different on the way you adjusting it. You get the perfect choice if you want a good one with multi-functional features.

Multi-functional purposes. It is quite expensive.
Strong metal construction. It feels to firm and not having the real feel of racing seat.
Adjustable tilt, armrests, and back angle. -


  1. AKRACING AK-5015 Nitro Series Gaming Chair

AKRACING AK-5015 Nitro Series Gaming Chair
The prices sometimes would never fool you as the result is so different in comparable with cheap furniture. Spending on your money on higher price is not a good idea, but it could be a lot saver for your money in the future. Not only it has better material for more long time usage,, but also you can expect some new additional features and premium feeling on it. Everything that you have dreamed for is possible with this seat. The company has filled with much great stuff that makes our life easier.

The design for this one is quite impressive by combining the racing style with some futuristic design. The result is as you can see, it looks great and has some unique design that will different it from your friends one or similar furniture. Then, the extra features that you get are also interested to see. The metal base for example, it has 4 gas lift support up to 396 and able to support even the heavier users. The extra of them you could easily see on it. The tilting features and adjustable armrests are so easy to use and having an adjustable resistance and locking system. Everything is possible for you if only you try this seat.

Great and unique design. The armrests are wobbly.
Tilting function with adjustable resistance. The instructions are not helping much.
Comfortable to use. -


  1. Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator
There are so many great choices for gaming chair with racing bucket style. The main problem is the feeling that you get from the real thing is so different. It may have the racing style that we can find on many racing car, but once again the feeling of realness is far from my expectation. I need a real one that could bring us on the realness like we are driving a car. I am very lucky to present you the best real racing seat as your companion for more experience on playing games especially on racing games.

I said wow when the first time I tried this thing. There is not any major different on its features, but the only thing that makes it awesome is the joyful on using it. I am so serious for this case because the feeling when I try it for a racing game is so real and fantastic. The material is so comfortable and making me spending lots of time with it. You get the similar features such as high back support, good armrests, long footrest and many others common stuff, but you would never find any realness on any other chair.

Great experience on using it. It’s so expensive, but worth.
Compatible with PC or console. The steering wheel column is bit annoying.
Total adjustment control. -


  1. Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series (Rev.2)

Vertagear S-line SL4000 Racing Series (Rev.2)
This seat is the second revision from its first version. I never have its first revision, but I think it also great that makes the company bring the more enhanced version of it. I have received the seat a few weeks ago and deciding to make a short review about it. For the design, my first opinion is so full of many opinions. First I thought it is good, but after some time I feel it too many similar with many common chair. The design is not that bad and might perfect for you.

The next thing will probably want you to buy this chair. The company defining it into the best chair that suit to every normal user or gamer. First it has cushioned and contoured to the shape of the arm with adjustable 4 directions. The directions are not limited to some angles and varied. The next is padding, I found many of them are coming with the padding that is too padded and uncomfortable. The stuff here is different because it perfectly suit my taste because It is not too soft or hard. The balance features and everything is so perfect and good not only me, but also for most of people.

The materials are Premium. The back is pretty stiff.
Elegant exterior. Might is not made for wider people.
Solid steel frame structure. -


  1. Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Driving Reclinable Chair

Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Driving Reclinable Chair
I found it luckily when I browsing the internet. The first look of its nice design makes me interested to try it. I ordered and get the blue and black color as for my review. Keep in mind that this furniture is not so suitable for wider consumers because the price is expensive and the second is located on its design. The look is not bad, but the furniture is designed to looks so similar with cockpit driving chair. The realness on using it totally different and probably let you having some great experience on playing games or resting. So it may be needed to take look closer of it.

The first stuff I noticed were the wheel adjusts and pedal mount adjust. I never found as similar as this before. Both of these mounts could be adjusted for up and down. The range for adjustment is also great from 10 to 40 degrees. This is what I really expect from the expensive chair. There are much stuff which are different with cheaper chair. The product is expensive, but the result is awesome and joyful in my opinion.

Wheel and pedal mount adjust. The instructions are not clear.
Compatible for console and PC. The seat only latches on the right hand side.
Sturdy and strong material. -


  1. Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair

Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair
The chairs are designed to provide the user the highest level of comfort and performance without losing of its style. The furniture would let you customize how it fits of your body and position, making it the perfect match for mainstream users. I never put any bad one and I am pretty sure it never make you disappointed and let you enjoy good experience and satisfy of your needs for comfortable place for playing games. You get both of great design and features as the result of the expensive price.

The design is supported by a metal frame and covered with synthetic leather. The materials are so overwhelming and not easily scratched. The included removable headrest and adjustable pillow are soft and comfortable to use. The only problem is may located on its adjustable seat and back. The range for adjustment is not wider enough and doesn’t suit my posture. I am a tall person and may the reason why it is happened. It is still worth to buy despite of the lack of adjustment.

Full customization. The assembling part is troublesome.
Support to 350 lbs. The right side armrest is wobbling.
Durable metal frame and soft material. -



It is not easy to determine on choosing an expensive gaming chair. There are many others important stuff to consider beside than only buying a gaming furniture. I have the same opinion with many people, but as same reason It would be needed to buy one with expensive price since the experience is totally different from any cheap furniture. You don’t feel at the moment, but after some time you will start to enjoy it later. At last, enjoy the list and make a comment if you have any question related.

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