FUGOO Style Review – Portable Surround Speaker

FUGOO Style Review – Portable Surround Speaker

FUGOO is might be not too popular on the Bluetooth speaker’s market, but their product is actually really good and having some secrets that make it able to stand its competitor. There are two rules that you need to have for a portable speaker. The first one is rugged design and the second one is the portability and flexibility to bring it anywhere. Both of those things are available and the price is also affordable. There is no reason that you are not going to be interested on it. I decided to make a review because there are many people asking for it. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

Why Should I care For It?

You are going to be really interested on this Bluetooth speaker unless if you are looking for the premium product. This is not the one because it is designed to be cheap and affordable for most consumers. There are many people who prefer a cheap one and don’t want to spend more for just Bluetooth speaker. FUGOO Style is probably the best one for under 100 dollars. The company is really serious for bringing an affordable choice, but with cheaper price. You could see their hard work from seeing what they put on the design. The design is dominated by plastic material, but it doesn’t feel cheat at all. If you don’t like then you just need to buy a thing that they called as “jacket”. The design uses a modular system where you could change the color and style as much as you want.

FUGOO Style Review – Portable Surround Speaker 2

Their idea to make it modular is so good. I never found this one and make me interested to see it. I bought an additional jacket and when I put it, the looks change really different and it feels like I bought a new product. The removing process is taking little longer, but it’s pretty easy to do. There are models that you can pick, the first one is the style model and the second one is tough model. The style is more focusing on the look while the tough model is more focusing on prevent any damage from extreme condition. Both of them are great and having full protection.

I did the durability test and I found that the tough jacket or model is probably tougher than the style. So keep in mind to prefer this one if you want to bring it on extreme condition. I need stress that buying an additional jacket is not mandatory, the extra jacket is only considerably worth if you want a better look or you want some extra protection on it. Every model has having IPX67 certified. It means that it is fully protected from snow, dust, sand, and prevent of any water leaking for 30 minutes. So don’t worry of breaking it because the product is tough.

FUGOO Style Main Specifications
Item Weight: 15.5 ounces
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Manufactures: Fugoo
Product Dimension: 6.5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches


Connectivity And Battery

One thing that might be lack from the product is the stereo capability. They are not designed for it, but they are designed with 360 sounds. The speaker is firing the sounds anywhere you stand and the performance is balance on every direction. The Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoor activity and this thing is the best. The Bluetooth range is around 30 feet and I didn’t find any audio cut off from it. The result might be different on many situations, but there is no audio distortion from 30 feet distance.

Even though it has 360 degree sounds, the battery life is still capable on streaming the music for more than 35 hours. The company claims for 40 hours usage, but I only get 35 hours in every of my test. I have tested for a month and always getting the same result. The normal speaker is only able to stream the music for not more than 15 hours, but this one is probably the best one for battery life. No need for bringing power bank because full day usage is easy to reach.

Super battery life. It lacks power on bass.
Flexible for bringing it anywhere. Notice some audio distortions on highest volume.
Tough and durable. -



The modular design and superb battery life are probably really worth to miss. The company claims the Fugoo to be stylish and durable and it seems what they said is really true. The product is not perfect and still having some problems, but the overall experience is great. The cheap price, modular design, super battery life is more than enough for its price. You don’t need to find other product since everything is available here. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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