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Top 8 Best PC Gaming Headset February 2017

NOSWER I8 Stereo Gaming Headset

Sound and music are inseparable parts of the game. Particular games incorporate sound as the main theme for player. You need to follow certain melody, song, or rhythm to clear level. Point and reward are awarded based on capability to perform the song or dance. For this reason, the eight best PC gaming headset will bring what gamer needs the most...

10 Best Gaming Headset Under 100 February 2017

Plantronics Gaming Headset GameCom 780

Headset is gaming equipment that is able to make your video game to be more realistic and exciting. Moreover, it also allows you to get the best sound quality in higher volume from your video game without disturbing other people next to you. In order to be the best gaming headset, it needs to qualify certain requirement first. One of the...