Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair

Homall is another choice for a good gaming chair but with a cheap price. The quality is always the key why there are so many gamers recommend this one. They provide us one of the best materials that we could find on the internet. This makes term that the cheap price doesn’t mean it will be bad. You will be really satisfied and make the experience on playing games become more enjoyable. This product is probably one of your best choices for a bucket type seat. We really recommend this one because it is really cheap and comfortable. We prepare this review so you could decide that it is good enough or not. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

The design here is really satisfied in my opinion. They gave us a minimalist look with a so minimal accent on its very edge. You would get the combination between black and red colors that make the look is fantastic. It feels so luxury even its only for a couple hundred bucks. We guess its ergonomic design will really much help you to get a better comfort on doing of your work or playing games. For the design we think it would be not bad enough at all and probably you are going to like it. The stability is also great with its metal frame with mesh.

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair 2

You probably think that cheap furniture will also have least feature. Some products are having only some features, but this one is really different. There are so many things that you could expect from this furniture. All of them are working in good ways and they put all of it in the right place, so you would be easily to reach and use it. This one is good for anyone who wants a fully functional, well built, and great looking seat. The first feature that you will notice is the high back and lumbar support. I am so impressed by its well-built and placement. My shoulders never go over the top of the back so it’s comfy to use even for long hours usage. The lumbar is good enough for price range, but sadly that you cannot adjust it. Firstly, I really hope it could be adjustable and I hope they will improve it later.

Furthermore, the second thing is the adjustable height. It’s so easy to adjust for different position. The angle itself is quite far so you probably would be easier to get the best position in different situation. The arm rest and bottom of the chair back together but it’s not lean back too farther. But for me it’s still good enough to do some relaxing or even sleep if you want. You just need make sure that you are having the right weight and height for this product and you are ready to go.

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 35 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: Homall
Product Dimension: 29.9 x 22.8 x 12.6 inches


Durability and Assemble Time

The assembly time on this case is quite short. It may take only 20 minutes to completely assembly all of the parts. It’s fiddly sometimes because the bottom and the back need to be squeezed together in order to bolt them correctly. You will be easily string it up even if you are a beginner. You can use the manual that they are provided. It’s really clear with step to step. The assembly part would never be as scary as before.

You can expect a good durability with this product. We want something that would not be easily to be broken. You will get it’s on this gaming chair. The durability is so well performed and comfortable to use. We have received it for couple weeks and until now there are no broken parts or broken functions. You will love the durability that the company brings for this furniture.

Easy to assembly. The recline is not doing much.
360 swivel wheels. The metal bar is quite annoying sometimes.
Adjustable height from 18 to 21 degree. -



It might save your money for buying this product. You would get the high quality material and good design in one place. There are not too many choices like this one. Everything is really perfect for you to handle. You might consider it as your best choice for a computer seat.

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