Homall Gaming Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office

Homall Gaming Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office

This gaming chair is probably worth for every penny you spending to buy it. One of the reasons is the life time replacement warranty. Sometimes we really worry to buy any product because it has some missing parts or damaged products. You probably can complaint but it might take a while for them to process it. It’s so frustrating because it can take a month for you to get the replacement. That’s why Homall is coming with the new idea for life time replacement solution. If you receive one of their products with some missing parts or damaged. You just need to return it and they will replace or refund of your money instantly. It sounds great right. That’s why we prepare the full deep review for you. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

The design itself is so different with its predecessor. The company decided to make one solid color design with this product. I really love the improvement that they made because it will make their products become so varied and not too similar each other. The result of this improvement is a solid design on this product. I received the black one for this case and it feels so natural in my opinion. It looks so great without too many accents on its every edge. It might a good choice for a user who want solid full design modern seat.

Homall Gaming Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office 2

The other key which is also important is the feature. The feature is one of core component that makes our experience on using of them become more enjoyable and probably adds the better experience on working and playing games. The first one that I love is seating are dimension. It’s so wider that makes some spaces so you can spread of your legs. One of the problem from Homall’s product is they never able to provide us a wider space for spreading our legs. The seating area dimension is wider enough for me and it’s comfortable to use even after long term usage.

Another one which is also good is the function. The whole chair is actually so solid and can be rocked back and forth as your desire. It is easy to do even for a beginner. The seat is designed for multiple positions. For example, if you want to nap, you just need to rock it back and you would get the perfect position for napping. Seating is also great here since it’s also easy to forth it back to the right position. I don’t really worry now for working on busy days and great experience in intense gaming session since all of them are provided by this product.

Homall Gaming Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office Main Specifications
Item Weight: 35 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: Homall
Product Dimension: 29.9 x 22.8 x 12.6 inches


Durability and Key Component

The durability is the major point for this case. It has PU leather as the main materials. The material itself is really durable and well performed. The armrests are so good and perfectly for my skin. The upper body is solid and what about the legs? The maximum weight for this thing is around 280 pounds. 280 pounds is quite happy and the legs itself can handle it. If you placing the heavy stuff on it, you could see that the legs are still able to keep the balance. Its meet my expectation.

The key component for this furniture is located on its comfort. This is the biggest selling point that I love from it. You won’t find better unless you try of it. it’s comfortable for every gaming session that I have tested. I have tested for 10 hours a day in one week and the result is not bad at all. I always get the same result every day and I am quite happy with it.

PU leather material. Moderate padding.
Heavy duty base with castors for better stability. The lean back is quite hard and need some forces.
The design is sleek with great quality. -



You will find a similar good result like this one on similar product. The durability and the key components are tightly amazed me. The variety features and great material make me love to use it for long hours. It doesn’t look cheap and will suit all of your needs for maximum result on gaming and working. So it might the right time for you to change of your gaming seat.

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