Homall Racing Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest

Homall Racing Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest

There are so many factors that make a gaming chair is considered as the best. For me, the most important one is really need to be comfortable use. It would be so useless if there is a product that comes with so many great features but sadly, it is not comfortable enough to use for long hours. The design and features are so important but first, we really need to make sure that it is comfortable enough for you. After that, you could starting to consider the thing that you want put it in. luckily you don’t need to waste your time on searching because this one is a good solution for you. It’s comfortable to use and having a lumbar support with headrest for a better experience. We make this review so you could decide that it is good enough or not. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

The design is quite good enough in my opinion. You would get something surprising on its design because it comes with similar design with its predecessor. The product still has minimalist design with great choice of colors. There are many colors that you could mix match for you. It might sounds so simple, but it is so good for people who want a different taste. I could say that the design is might not be a problem for some people.

Homall Racing Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest 2

Ok let’s talk about the features. The features that you could find here are so well complete. This could instantly make this one as the best choice. The first feature that you can find is the full recline function. I have found so many of furniture with recline support, but many of them do not really come with the full function. I have tested this feature to make sure it’s different. The result is far than I imagine. It’s really different from my previous test. I can easily lock up the chair position angle from 90- 180 degree. For me the best position is between 100 – 120 and it might different to you since every people have their own posture.

The second one is headrest pillow and lumbar cushion support. You might think that sometimes working in the front of computer is so tiring. Sitting on the front of compute for such long times is quite tiring for me and that’s why I really recommend a gaming chair with headrest pillow and lumbar cushion support. This makes me easily to rest after long hours. It sounds so silly to rest on your gaming chair, but it’s really happening with this furniture. It’s really nice and comfortable to use. The pillow is so soft that makes me easily to sleep. This might could be good consideration since it adds more comfort for us.

Homall Racing Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest Main Specifications
Item Weight: 57.3 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: Homall
Product Dimension: 32.7 x 15.4 x 29.1 inches


Load Capacity and Mobility

The seat itself can support weight with 300 pound maximum. If you are considered as a big user, this might a chance for you. I asked one of my friends to try it and he said that it’s comfortable enough for him. It’s quite surprising because the chair is not big enough for him, but he still say that its comfortable. This is may happen because the great material that they are provided. It is so nice that the company wants to hear our complaint. The last one that I reviewed was actually not good enough for a big user.

The other thing that I notice is the mobility here. Sometimes we really need to move from our seat just to take something and its quite problematic in few cases. This one of the reasons that makes my experience is really bad on working or playing games. It’s really wonderful that the furniture is coming with 360 degree wheels. This feature really make my mobility is so easily to do. First, I hope it’s only for move up and down but in return I get the 360 degree that is overwhelming usable in my opinion. Well for me it’s so awesome and it might also good for you.

It’s easily adjusted with a great support. The leg spaces are limited.
Multi-function for working and gaming. It is bit heavy.
Removable headrest and lumbar. -



This furniture is must to buy if you are a hardcore gamer. You would get the maximum experience in every session of playing games. You will easily to fall in love with this one since you can use it all days without worrying of hurting of your back. So why don’t you choose this product.

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