HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1 Review

PC these days has bulky design that is consuming too much space of your room. If you need PC with sleek and compact design, you can opt for HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1. This series is not only able to conserve your space, but also provide excellent computing experience. Desktop mini manufactured by this company is equipped with impressive hardware. The hardware utilized in it allows you to do conventional office job without any problems. Moreover, it can also be used to play several types of game with medium requirement. In case you are interested with this product, here is the full specification of EliteDesk by HP.

Product Specification of HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1
HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1 Review
Before talking about the hardware inside EliteDesk, let us talk about its superiority first. The most impressive feature on this mini PC is located on the product dimension. The dimension of this model is 19.8 by 11.5 inches with the height of 7.6 inch. This dimension is definitely will save the space. Since the product is smaller, users can place it almost anywhere in horizontal or vertical position. Users are able to move it around effortless. Moreover, this product also has futuristic design as well. All of the most used ports are located in the front part. This design allows its users to access them easily. Now, let us move to its hardware.

The most important hardware of a PC is the processor. It utilizes 2.2 GHz of Quad Core processor. The manufacturer relies on AMD A8-7600B as processor series. As it goes with A Series of AMD processor, it is also incorporating HSA technology as well. This processor is also used on the PC with average quality. However, it can give better performance due to the graphics card used. The AMD Radeon R7 is an impressive graphics card used to support the processor works. Since both of them are using the same AMD technology, they are able to boost its performance by make sure that the system task of CPU and GPU are prioritized.

HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1 Specs


Besides the processor, RAM is also critical hardware on PC. Generally, PC for office task does not need too much of RAM. However, HP satisfies its customer with 8 GB of RAM. This generous RAM capacity is not only able to process office task but also able to handle multi-tasking as well. Moreover, users can take advantage of its RAM specification to play their favorite game. It can run games with moderate requirement flawlessly. However, since the graphics card is not entirely designed for playing game, games with high requirement might not suitable for this mini PC. If you want to play games with higher requirement using this series, you can upgrade the RAM up to 16 GB.

In addition to the impressive RAM specification mentioned above, this mini PC model also utilizes generous space of hard drive. The capacity of hard drive in this series is up to 256 GB. Solid State Drive technology is used for the hard drive in order to give reliable performance. This innovation ensures that the users will get smooth computing experience. Combination between hard drive of EliteDesk with graphics card mentioned above provides better viewing for the users.

The design of HP Mini PC incorporates USB ports and audio port in the front part for easy access. However, the VGA video port is located in the back part so that it does not obstruct the users view. HP seems taking the aesthetic aspect of this model seriously. The audio system used in it incorporates Realtek features. Realtek ALC 221 codec series with HD audio will make the users able to enjoy their favorite music while working on their office tasks. This audio system is able to provide clear noise compared to other version.

When the users want to complete their office task, they might also need internet connection. Internet connection is also crucial when it comes to play online games. Therefore, HP added the best Ethernet card for this mini PC. The 10/100/1000 of gigabit Ethernet card is going to make the internet connection stable. This will reduce lag spikes significantly when users use it to play their favorite games. Moreover, users can also take advantage of wireless connection to stay connected with internet. Wireless with 802.11a/g/n is the best series used in the EliteDesk.

HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1 Specs Desktop

Besides equipped with impressive hardware specification, EliteDesk manufactured by HP also has plenty of impressive features. The security feature incorporated in it will not only protect your data, but also make it more efficient. It features two of the best HP innovation called HP Client Security and HP BIOSphere. Since those innovations are exclusively belonging to HP, the features cannot be found in any PC manufactured under different brand. By using product manufactured by HP, your data security is well protected.

The only downside of this product specification is located on the operating system. It uses Windows 7 Pro with 64 bit as the operating system instead the latest Windows 10 Home. However, it is interesting to point out that most users that already use this mini PC do not mind using outdated version for the operating system. Operating system will not affect the performance significantly. If the users are not satisfied with operating system utilized on this product, they can upgrade it to the last version. Fortunately, the operating system on EliteDesk is upgradable as it goes with other PC.


HP always includes warranty of the component on its entire product. EliteDesk is one of its products that feature one year of component warranty. Therefore, you do not need to be worried if the hardware component happens to have some issues. After reading the specification of this product, you might think that it will be pricy. The price labeled for this product is guaranty worth its quality. You can purchase HP Mini PC EliteDesk 705-G1 only with $378.89. This deal comes with free shipment features. If you need compact PC to conserve your work space, you should not miss this amazing deal. computer3g


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