JBL Pulse 2 Review – Bluetooth Speaker With Light Show

JBL Pulse 2 Review – Bluetooth Speaker With Light Show

Few years ago I have JBL pulse used as main Bluetooth speaker. it is actually a pretty good one with good audio quality and it also provide the light show that making my experience on listening music becomes better and more joyful. Their new series model probably boasted not only their performance, but also they are making so many improvements in few sectors. The company promised that the new product should improve the bass response, the battery life, and more LED. The overall design is looks very similar and I think you will not find any different. So it is the new series model worth to look? Or should I upgrade my old one? Then let’s take a look. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

Better Design And More LED On The Inside

One thing that I need to say about the design, the Bluetooth speaker is looking so much great than the original. I didn’t say that the old one is bad, but by making the adjustment on speaker grill has giving significant look on the design. Another different thing that you could find is the located on the aesthetic and audio. Actually I don’t really like the placement of passive radiator at one end. I feel that if they moving little bit, we would get a more power on it. Luckily, they really move the passive radiator, now they put the passive radiators at both end and they also moving the control buttons to back and on the strip speaker. it is not much, but probably making a product is better.

JBL Pulse 2 Review – Bluetooth Speaker With Light Show 2

All of design improvement is also combined with the increase on total number of LED. I also need to stress that the JBL Pulse is splashproof and not fully waterproof. You cannot take it to underwater and the speaker is originally designed for home purposes usage and not for some serious outdoor activity. Well. you still able to use it outdoor with note that you could not be able to protect it from water or mud, but it would be perfect for beach or pool party.

The product is also available on two selections of colors, the first one is silver and the second one is black. I really suggest you to take the black one because it would improve the look on the LED show. I have a chance to get the black color and the feeling is so much great because the looks is so matched with the color. I probably don’t know how it looks on silver color, but I think it will be better on black color. The improvement on design and more LED is only few new thing that is available here. There are more of them waiting to try.

JBL Pulse 2 Main Specifications
Item Weight: 1 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Manufactures: AOYJW
Product Dimension: 8.3 x 3.9 x 6.7 inches


LED Show And Sound Performance

Like I said in the previous section before, they increase the LED in the inside for giving it better looks especially on dark. They actually give us 100 LED light in the inside. The old model is only having 64 of them and its huge difference. The LED show becomes so much fluid and I feel that the original one is blockier since it has less of it. You could also control the LED functionality with the buttons or by using their original app. You need to download it first, so using the control button is better in my opinion. One thing that I don’t like here is the missing of equalizer mode. I don’t know why they remove it and I really love that functionality. But that the cost for their great improvement.

Like the most similar audio gadget outside there, this one is also having 360 degree audio feature. The sound is better if you stand or sit on the front, but the sound is also louder even if you don’t stand or sit near of it. I notice that the lows sounds are probably better than the original. The reason is because they improve the frequencies range. Now it has 100 Hz to 85 Hz for the low end. Both mids and highs feel so much balance. Seriously, the sounds feel better and the tuning is great. It doesn’t have too much harshness even at the high with highest volume. There is not much complaining for the audio quality.

Now it has 100 LED and it feels better. The bass could be better.
Clear and right sounds quality. They remove the equalizer mode.
The LED show is worth to try. -



Their few adjustments on the new one is so much better than change or improve all of it. it will lose their originality and their characteristic if they decided to change all of it. Pulse 2 is still the same product, but with more matures looks and wise sound performance. The price is worth and you would don’t have any complaint to spend your money that much. I really hope they bring back the equalizer mode on next series model. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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