KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The last time l look the MUO Bluetooth speaker model was in 2008. At that time, the product is really limited and only available for some people. I could get it at that time, but sadly the price is not something that I can afford at that time. It costs very expensive and I probably will never every able to test it. Luckily, they enhance KEF MUO and make it more affordable. The price is still little expensive, but I really want to look its performance. So I decided to make a review and try to see what it could provide to us. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

My first thought About Design And Features

The same feeling like the old time, that is my first thought about this Bluetooth speaker. Actually, there are so many cut off in here and here, but the overall design and looks are very similar to what I found at that time. I don’t have the old one, but I could make sure that the feeling is still similar to what I see. The surface is fully covered with mostly aluminum and it feels great and sturdy. This design is actually pretty ideal to eliminate any unwanted distortion or vibration. I need to say the wedge shape is not too light or sleek, but the grill provides an aesthetic style and looks so promising. I have seen so many great portable Bluetooth speakers, but I guess this is the most interested one. You would see how it’s different from the similar competitors.

KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review 2

On the inside you would find two 5cm bass drivers and a single bass radiator. The driver’s design is pretty unique because the diaphragm is made combined of cone sections and dome. They actually try making the same idea like what they did for their Uni-Q driver. This thing is not only a marketing gimmick and it actually gives a significant boost on the performance. For the wireless streaming, it has Bluetooth 4.0 as the one of the option. It has pretty limited range and probably only able to stream the music for around 10 meter. You can also connect it easily if you use the NFC support. One single tap and you are ready to play the music. If you want to do it manually, there is also 3.5 mm jack included and the battery last for around 12 hours.

Everything is good and looks very promising for its price. In term of features and design, both of them are great. The features are full with many things that we want from a perfect speaker and the design is great with a premium design. They bring their own characteristic and the product is appeared to be unique. If you are looking one with good design and full features, this one is one of the best.

KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Main Specifications
Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Manufactures: KEF
Product Dimension: 3.1 x 8.3 x 2.3 inches


Sound Test

The design and features are worth and what the about the audio performance? Is it able to destroy its competitor? Well the answer is yes. The product is versatile audio gadget and it’s pretty much capable on delivering great experience on every music genre that I have played. The clarity is probably the best here because it provides a high clarity with tight and great timing in every rhythm. I get the good balance on lows, mids, or even highs. The speaker might be small, but the power producing is top notch. The box is only 20cm and it still gives a sense of power.

The only problem that I found on the smaller speaker is located on the sounds. Sometimes it feels too cramped and very confusing in many parts. I didn’t found it here and I feel that the musical is very organized. The sound performance is really worth for the price. The product is also capable on streaming the music on both of vertical and horizontal position. You don’t need to worry about the sound quality because there is sensor that will optimize it.

The performance is great on both vertical and horizontal. The price is expensive.
The premium looking design. The performance might too similar with its competitor.
Detail and organized sounds producing. -



For the most parts, I guess everything packed on the inside is worth for the price. The company is able to provide us a similar product like they did in the past. There is a huge cut off from it, but the feeling is still similar even though the price is really different. This is what I am looking for because both design and performance is top notch. There is no reason to not look at this one. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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