Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

One recognizable device to support audio is speaker. People connect smartphone, computer, mp3 player, or laptop to speaker to listen music vividly as watch HD movie. You need more than mere speaker for utmost experience does. Klipsch promedia 2.1 thx certified computer speaker system give what audiophile want the most in reasonable cost. Instead of installing home theatre, you can rely on simple 2.1-speaker. It seems impossible for three-piece speaker to beat high-end audio system. What you see from outside is completely different from inside. Klipsch puts advanced audio technology into small and portable product without reducing the quality.

Reviews and Tech Specifications of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

Quality is essential for Klipsch. Speaker 2.1-type is like second class above the lowest one in sound industry. Customer for such speaker is very big because of price and it is easy to install at home. However, Klipsch changes the way customer listen favorite music with brand new 2.1-speaker. Three-pieces of system consist of one subwoofer and two satellites. At first glance, this product looks similar with others. Unless you try to connect smartphone directly using jack audio, you do not know capability of this system. Great sound for audiophile and music avid is what you get after listening one song. Having this speaker at home makes you want to play the songs more than once. 5.1 Speaker System

This system has frequency range between 32 Hz and 20 khz. This number is frequency of human ears to hear clear sound and very safe. Maximum acoustic is up to 106db. Subwoofer and satellite have amplifier headroom. One satellite speaker has 34 watt and subwoofer is 130 watt. Total amplifier is 200 watt. Impedance of speaker is 4 ohm as minimum level. All of them are technical specifications of sound production. To create better sound, manufacturer measures every aspect that related to audio system. Frequency, impedance, and amplifier are several terms in this area. Many customers do not have proper knowledge in this matter, so Klipsch only provides necessary data as representative of speaker quality.

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

On control pod, there are several instruments to manage sound level and quality. Volume control is placed on subwoofer. It is usual for 2.1-speaker to place main control at subwoofer. It does not mean satellite is less functional. Main reason why manufacturer puts majority control on subwoofer is about the flexibility. As you know, subwoofer should be on center between two satellite and bigger size. On subwoofer, plenty of space is available to put many controls simultaneously. Besides control panel, you can find some jack and indicator. This speaker has 3.5-headphone jack to let users plug their headphone or earphone. LED indicator shows power condition. LED will shine when speaker gets electric power. Make sure you plug on socket before connecting this product to computer.

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Specs
Brand Name: Klipsch
Model Number: 090524082714
Color: Black
Amplification Type: Active subwoofer, passive satellites
Output Power: 160 Watts

Klipsch uses high-grade material to make satellite part. It is two-way enclosure with size 0.75 inch in sealed elliptical and polymer dome. The satellite has Microtractix Horn and mid-bass driver with the size of 3 inch. For you reference, Microtractrix Horn is technology to maximize the audio quality in physical and digital media, for example MP3 downloads, CDs, and streaming radio.

In CDs and MP3 downloads, bitrate determine audio quality. Most of digital audio from online is from 192 to 320 kbps. You hardly find more than 320 kbps. High bitrate makes bigger. File is lossy mode because it is compressed from lossless or raw material. CD is better than online download because it has high bitrate or lossless audio. To perform stability at low bitrate, Klipsch uses advanced technology. You will hardly tell which one is from CDs or MP3. This method is similar at streaming radio. Provider provides several qualities from lower to HD audio. In spite of lower quality, you are able to listen delicate sound clearly. Therefore, klipsch promedia 2.1 thx certified computer speaker system will give ultimate result in the sound quality.

Subwoofer uses enclosure type with front port. Inside this part, there is bass reflex with side-firing 6.5 inch. Other features are tuned port and long-throw driver. To prevent extreme volume during playing audio, subwoofer is equipped with limiter. Protection is necessary, particularly for driver and amplifier. If you concern with audio and its volume, high frequency does not get along with volume level. Subwoofer is for low frequency and it can enhance the frequency, so human ears can hear the sound. In addition, bass sound is one of example of low frequency sound. Since this part is set for low stage, increasing the volume excessively will torn apart system inside subwoofer. Manufacturer puts limiter to let customer listen the best audio, not the loudest.

If you use desktop or PC, satellite speakers should be placed on left and right side of monitor. This position is not definite and it depends on your computer position as long as two satellites are on the certain distance. Subwoofer position should be in middle between satellites. If you place speaker and computer separately, subwoofer position might be on top of under table. Most importantly, subwoofer location should not too far from its satellite because it will affect the production of sound, particularly in open type room where there are many windows and doors. For closed type room, as long as distance between subwoofer and satellite is no more than two meters, everything will be fine.

This product is THX certified. In film industry, THX is standard for sound quality that established by film company. The purpose is to maintain the quality and performance of hardware. To obtain this certificate, the product will undergo extreme test. The result is top product with top performance. Purchasing package of this speaker includes two-speaker cable, user manual, and warranty detail.


User manual provide useful information. Do not remove plate or cover of device because it increases the electric shock. Repairing is only permitted by Klipsch service center. Besides electric, the open back plate might cause fire. Keep device from water, heat, and moisture to preserve the device capability. Before mounting it at the wall, you need to check stability of holder and gets this thing from Klipsch, as electronic appliance. Moreover, customer should read the instruction before using klipsch promedia 2.1 thx certified computer speaker system. Following everything written on manual is recommended to keep the device at good condition and increase its longevity.

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