5 Best Lenovo Mini PC December 2017

Mini PC becomes a new trend among computer users. This type of PC allows its user to have the same performance than conventional PC. However, it does not spend too much space as it goes with conventional PC. As the demand for mini PC grows higher, some vendors release this particular product. Lenovo is one of those leading vendors that produce mini PC with high quality. In this review, we will discuss more about Lenovo mini PC specification. By reading the specification of those products, you will be able to see that those products are better than conventional PC with bulky design.

Best Lenovo Mini PC IdeaCentre Stick 300

Best Lenovo Mini PC IdeaCentre Stick 300If you make a comparison between Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick with other mini PC products, you might found this product as the most compact mini PC. The product dimension is only 0.6 by 1.5 inches with the length of 4.7 inches. You can say that this pocket size mini PC has the same size as ordinary television remote. You do not need complicated wiring. All you need to do is plug it to your monitor and it is set. Despite it has compact size and minimalist design, do not let it deceives you. The component used in it is capable to do office tasks easily.

It relies on 1.33 GHz of Intel Atom Z3735F as the processor. For running office tasks, it is considered as reliable processor. The RAM utilizes SO-DIMM DDR3 technology with memory of 2 GB. Meanwhile, the hard drive capacity allocated for this product is 32 GB with Solid State Drive innovation. User friendly interface of Windows 10 installed as well for users convenience.


Lenovo Mini PC ThinkCentre M53

Lenovo Mini PC ThinkCentre M53When it comes to mini PC with compact design and powerful hardware, Lenovo ThinkCentre M53 is a product that has smaller size than conventional PC. The versatile design allows you to place it horizontally or vertically, depending on the space you allocate for your PC. The power button, audio, and USB ports are located on the front for easy access. Meanwhile, the other ports including HDMI, VGA, and many more are installed in the back so that it does not obstruct your view.

Hardware installed on this mini PC is comparable to common PC that consume too much of your workspace. It utilizes 1.6 GHz of Intel Pentium quad core N3700 as the processor. The memory provided for RAM is up to 8 GB. This generous RAM memory allows you to play your favorite game. Intel HD graphics card is also equipped in it as well. Meanwhile, the hard drive allocated is only 120 GB with Solid State Drive technology. The Windows 7 operating system software installed in can be upgraded to Windows 10.


Lenovo ThinkCentre M91 Mini Desktop

Lenovo ThinkCentre M91 Mini DesktopAs a mini PC, the size of this product might slightly bigger. The product dimension is about 10.8 by 9.73 inches with thickness of 3.1 inch. The thickness is designed in order to compensate with DVD RW drive feature it has. Besides this feature, this series also comes with other useful services including 8 USB ports, mini display ports, VGA, and many more. The useful features equipped on this particular mini PC are also come along with impressive hardware specification.

As it goes with Lenovo mini PC, this series also incorporates the best processor. It relies on 2.5 GHz up to 3.3 GHz of Intel quad core i5 2400S to run the program. The 4 GB of RAM memory comes along with 1 TB of hard drive. Combination of the hardware mentioned before ensures its users to get reliable and smooth computing experience. It comes with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit that can be upgraded to Windows 10 Home for better user interface.


Lenovo ThinkCentre ChromeBox Tiny Desktop

Lenovo ThinkCentre ChromeBox Tiny DesktopLenovo is a famous manufacturer that produces high quality mini PC with elegant design. The futuristic looking of this product represents the quality of performance from specifications installed inside it. Before talking about the hardware specification, let us discuss about its exterior design. It features plenty of useful features on the exterior, including numerous ports. In order to give better access for its users, the USB and audio port are located in the front side of the mini PC.

The hardware added for this series is comparable to high end PC with bigger size. It utilizes 1.5 GHz of Intel Celeron 3205U dual core processor. The RAM with 4 GB of memory capacity supports the processor. The mini PC manufactured by this company is also equipped with 16 GB of hard drive capacity. As the product name suggests, it installed chrome operating system to give comfortable operation for the users.


Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Mini Computer

Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Mini ComputerWhen it comes to mini PC specification, product dimension and hardware are two important aspects. The dimension of Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 is 7 by 7.2 inches with thickness of 1.4 inch. Aside from its compact dimension, it also uses modern design as well. It allows the users to fit in on narrow space either vertically or horizontally. Top Best Mini PC Desktop

As for the hardware, it relies on 2.9 GHz of Intel Core i3-4130T processor. The processor work is supported by 4 GB of RAM. Users who want to save important data can use 500 GB of hardware that uses SATA technology. The graphics card added on this product uses Integrated Intel HD graphics card. It is able to give better viewing angle by showing the best rate of color clarity.


It is not surprising that demand for mini PC is high. Such PC has numerous benefits. One of the best benefits that you can get from mini PC manufactured by Lenovo is its compact design. The design does not need plenty space when it is installed. Therefore, Lenovo mini PC is recommended for users who have limited workspace. Some of those products also have powerful hardware. Hardware installed on the mini PC is chosen so that it will give reliable performance. All of mini PC manufactured by Lenovo above is not only having great specification, but also provide optimum performance for multitasking.

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