Mackie CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor Review

Mackie CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor Review

Nowadays, there is a new trend on design for the active speaker. The full modern or retro style probably not too common again. The mix between the budget studio monitors and old style computer becomes a hot trend until this year. Mackie is one of many companies that trying to get that new market. I specifically need to say that Mackie CR4 is not designed for critical listener or able to produce a real studio experience, the product is true designed for computer usage, blogging, YouTube and even for just relaxing. There is no any single reason to not use it as basic speaker for playing music or if you want to use it as starter to be an audiophile. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

Creative At Every Direction

I guess that is the only words that i can use to describe everything in the inside. To have an upgrade for your old bookshelf speaker you probably need the best choice. Mackie CR4 is another of great choices since it has many similar aspects from any active near fields. It probably not suitable for any professional use, but in term of normal features it has so many of it. The bundled accessories is including the isolation pad that allows for preventing for boomy bass and provide a better sound for more focus on listening music. The best thing that i like is the connection option. You can connect of your any media with 1/8 in RCA cable and you could even connect of your smartphone with its cable connector. They put everything is so creative to match the quality and the creative design.

Mackie CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor Review 2

The CR4 is actually coming with full length cable and flexible active enclosure. It features amplifier for both of right and left speakers. You could decide if you want to put the master speaker on the right or left side with the position select switch so the audio gadget will know where it was located. This nice thing is good because of the positioning flexibility on it. They make sure that it would be comfortable enough for every single consumer.

The volume control here somehow is double used as the power and volume control. At first time, I didn’t notice it, but sometimes it was quite annoying because I am not getting used. They don’t put good selection on buttons, but they make good placement on placing the Aux input and headphones on the front side. This case is making easier to plug anything since it feels inconvenient on the back.

Mackie CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor Specifications
Item Weight: 12 pounds
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Manufactures: Mackie
Product Dimension: 12.5 x 16.3 x 9.5 inches


Testing Time

The overall performance is very well. The quality is transparent and is open with the nice touch of treble. The high bass doesn’t too boomy since it lacks some punches on drums. It feels bad, but luckily the bass response is quite fast with the great timing of delivering the correct notes. Imaging is another point that I need to point out. It feels so crisp as well as it has deep sound stage.You don’t need to worry with the medium or low volume, but sometimes it gives an audio turbulence as the effect of material.

Beside of those things, the rest of quality is top notch. I only notice that it lacks only on the audio turbulence and it also doesn’t give any bad mood on listening it. The wide frequencies are clearly better and make the balance between the power and clarity. The different is not too far away with similar competitor, but the CR4 is slightly better on everything. The mid range is feel smoother and appears to be really natural. The performance is wise and would able to satisfy of your needs. That is what I could say for the performance.

Having few of isolation pads to reduce the noise. The speaker has flat and neutral response for the audio.
Studio audio quality. The lows are sounds are not the best.
Wide range of frequencies. -



The product is might not be the best one, but it still offers an acceptable quality with the good transparency and almost studio quality. The wide range frequencies are good, but you might need to consider with the speaker response and the lows quality. Those things are not annoying, but still you need to really care about it. For me it’s still okay. I guess you should check it to make sure that if it would be good or not. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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