Merax Gaming Chair Review – With Footrest

Merax Gaming Chair Review- With Footrest

If you are wondering what kind of gaming chair that is most suitable for you. Merax gaming chair is might another good solution for you. They have so many varieties of modern seats with so many great features. You could expect some great features since the product itself is full of them. We choose this one because we think it is not only for playing games or doing some works, but also for resting during your break. Modern seat with footrest support is a great choice if you want to do some relaxing on your tiring work. The footrest would make you feel so comfortable that sometimes will lead you to sleep on it. We recommend this product for its nice extra comfort. We make this review so you could decide that it is good enough or not. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

Design is one of important keys to make the users feel so comfortable on using it. The placement of features and the material itself would be affected on the way people will use it. Merax gaming chair comes with modern sleek design with the combination between major black color and some red list on the both of its sides. The design itself is pretty good in comparable with similar product. Like I said before, the placement of design is so good here. I guess the design is impressive in my opinion and might suit to your needs.

Merax Gaming Chair Review- With Footrest 2

The major feature that you can find here is the footrest. This is the biggest selling point for this furniture. This thing is actually pretty good resting in the break session during our gaming or working session. This one doesn’t feel gimmick because it is really comfortable to use even after using it on long hours. The feature is not only good for resting but also during the session itself. If you try to lower it little, it would give you the perfect angle and comfort zone for playing games. I have tested this thing for a couple hours and the result is quite surprising me because I can clearly enjoy my game and doesn’t feel any uncomfortable. I am really sure you are going to enjoy this one.

Another great feature is the built in safety. It is equipped with safety locking system that prevents you to be fall off because the chair is moving on its own. You can also able to recline the position that leaves you choosing the right angle position in different type of session on the front of desktop. The reclining adjustment is so easy to do and you don’t need to worry about it. The last great major feature that I like is the armrests. The armrests are really fit with my shoulders. It has a wide area so it would not be a problem if you are having big shoulder. This thing is so perfect in my opinion because it doesn’t feel too soft or too hard. If you are used to use chair without cushion you probably will hurt of your elbow. This one is different because of its nice armrests.

Merax Gaming Chair Review With footrest Main Specifications
Item Weight: 55 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: Henglin
Product Dimension: 28 x 28 x 48 inches


Durability and Value

The important part for furniture is it must be last longer for couple years. Luckily, Merax chair has a very good steel legs. It’s really durable and able to hold some hundred pounds. Firstly, I notice it durable because I try to place some heavy stuff and I didn’t find any single problem or cracking sound comes from the product. I can make sure that it is durable.

In my opinion, this gaming chair is great choice with reasonable price. It’s so value with its great support and incredibly strong material. It would be really worth for spending your money on it because in return you would get the better experience on your every session including playing games or doing some works. It’s my opinion, but it might also fit yours.

The armrests are soft and comfort. It doesn’t support tilt feature.
Built in safety locking system. The lumbar is too big
Hybrid function as work/gaming. -



This might a good product for your old seat. It has so many things built in that will help you getting a better experience on using it. I can say that it is one best for this price range. You will never find any similar result with other. So you can try it and you will be falling in love with its greatness. Hope you enjoy this review.

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