Top 10 Merax Gaming Chair 2017

Merax Gaming Chair

Spending your money on buying a gaming chair is might sounds a little useless for some people. Many people think that it is not necessary since they already have their old seat for playing games or doing some works. This case is actually seems right because we just use gaming chair only for playing games and not for doing any other works. But nowadays, buying a gaming chair is actually good saving for the future because the products are becoming so popular and now they come with so many features that are not only for gaming, but also for working. The term of its only for playing games is not popular again because they are also comfortable in other session on the front of computer.

In the past we found there are so many of gaming chair, but sadly it is not comfortable enough beside than playing games. At the first, it is really okay but after several hours, you will start to notice that it is not comfortable enough. That’s why now there are so many companies trying to provide the best seat with so many choices, design, and features to make the people start to buy this product. You would find many of them with different prices that will also affect to the performance on this thing. It is started with only a few hundred bucks until 1000 dollars. Yeah, 1000 dollars is bit funny for a modern seat, but once again all of them is packed with great materials and top notch features. You are not going to be forced to buy it because there are so many great choices with only some hundred bucks outside there. The higher prices never guarantee that the furniture is good for you because the most important one is it must be based on your needs and not the price. One of good choices for modern seat is coming from Merax.

Merax has so many years experience in providing the best one solution for gaming and working at the same time. Merax gaming chair would provide with the highest quality material that you could never find on the similar product. Merax chair is also a good choice if you want furniture with modern design and durable. Merax racing chair is one of their product series. This thing design is based on the seat that you could find on the racing car. Some of Merax gaming chair review that made in the past were resulting some really good impression to us. It is not only capable in providing the best comfort place for us but also the feature itself also really help us during of our computer session. You might consider this series if you really want a multi-functional furniture with full useful stuff.

We prepare this list because sometimes choosing a good one is not a simple pick. There are so many stuff that we need to consider before you buy it. if you pick it wrong, it might resulting the bad experience during of your desktop session. We really recommend Merax Gaming chair as the recommendation for you because they quality that they are provided. Here some tips that you need to consider before choosing any Merax chair from this list.


Price is the most important stuff that you need to consider before buying any of them. Don’t try to force yourself to buy any of it with high price because it would not always good for you. You will find some useless things that are not necessary for you. Just choose it based on your needs and you are ready to go.

The price itself will be affected on the material that you would get on your furniture. The higher price will have a better material and maybe some extra things. You will never find many of extra stuff that you will never find on the cheaper one. We always recommend you to do some researching before buying it because what I said before. It never always compatible for you and spending your little time on them is not really bad. As the result, you would get the best choice that you could find the on the internet.

You could come across the one from a big name manufacture. It will have a famous logo on it but the price will make you shiver. You really need to know that there are some companies that will provide you ugly or inconvenient products. The big name would never guarantee it would be better. Make sure its usability and durability is good enough for your needs. Keep in mind to not choose it based on the popularity

Comfort and Customization

merax series modern seatEven the most expensive furniture would become so useless if it’s not comfortable to use. We have spent of our money and we really want it to be comfortable to use for long hours in different session. It would be really tough if it’s not comfortable because it will hurt your neck and your back. We guess you don’t want to spend of your extra money on hospital as the result of your bad choice. So the key is always choosing it because it is comfortable for long usage.

We really don’t recommend you to get any specific recommendation from your friends. Some tips will be useful. Every person has their own comfort zone and body posture. The body posture will really affect you on getting the best experience. Your friends recommendation is might only base on him and not for you. That’s why researching on it is useful and if you have a chance to try it is a good way. You could know that it would be good enough or not for your posture.

Customization is another best way to get the best comfort place. Very often the default setting is not enough in providing the comfort zone. Some of user would feel not reach the floor, or their arms are not fit enough. These cases will lead us in needing some customization in order to make it better. Unlike the furniture, human cannot be tuned, and the only solution is by tuning the product. The more customization will also help you in different session on the front of your computer. You will be needed to lower it for resting or make it a little higher on playing games. This thing would be really useful to suit our different needs.

Features and Compatibility

Merax Gaming Chair Review- With FootrestHaving more stuff on your computer seat is might a crazy idea but sometimes it is really useful on some occasions. The example is the wheels, having 360 degree wheels will be so useful to move around. This is what we called as the mobility. You could make around without jumping out from the seat. It will be really useful for reaching something that we are needed on playing games or doing some personal works. This condition will lead you in resulting the better performance on every of your session.

There would some features that you will need to have. On Merax series product for example, you can count it for the high quality stuff on this one. The first feature is lumbar and headrest cushion. Many of them would have this great thing. You could easily adjust your own perfect position for every session. You could also fit for your girlfriend or your friends when they are coming to your home for gaming. What you have to do is just adjust it. You will find it on the headrest and the lumbar area. Some of these things are major features.

Furthermore, it would be plausible with good compatibility with your favorite gear. There are choices that are having compatibility with mouse pad or special stand for cat or tumbler. Considering this one is may be a good solution to add some extra enjoyment. Below you will find our best the list. You will find this list is useful since it covers all of the majority material. So feel free to see this list.

10 Best Merax Gaming Chair 2017

ProductImageMaterialDimensionWeightColorWhere to Buy
  1. Merax Fantasy Series Racing Style Leather Chair (White)
Fantasy Series Racing Style Leather Chair (White) PU leather 48 x 26 x 10 inches 20.5 pounds White/Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Gaming Racing Style Executive Swivel with Footrest
Racing Style Executive Swivel with Footrest PU 28 x 28 x 48 inches 55 pounds Red/Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Gaming Chair High-back Ergonomic Pu with Lumbar Support
High-back Ergonomic Pu with Lumbar Support Mesh/PU 27 x 47 x 27 inches 40 pounds Blue/Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Gaming High Back Computer Seat with Reclining
High Back Computer Seat with Reclining Leather 34 x 26 x 14 inches 55 pounds Blue/Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Ergonomic Design Racing Chair
Merax Ergonomic Design Racing Seat PU 25 x 21 x 20 inches 62 pounds Blue/Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Gaming Chair Stylish Devil's Eye Series (White)
Stylish Devil's Eye Series (White) Mesh/PU 26 x 26 x 49.5 inches 37 pounds White/Black ORDER NOW
  1. Merax High-back Ergonomic Pu with Swivel
High-back Ergonomic Pu with Swivel Strong PU 27 x 27 x 47 inches 39.5 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Gaming Racing Style Office with Adjustable Armrests
King Series Big and Tall Esports With Pillows Leather 50.4 x 27.5 x 27.5 inches 55 pounds Black/Yellow ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Executive Swivel Leather Seat
Merax Executive Swivel Leather Seat PU/Leather 54.7 x 26 x 10.6 inches 52.9 pounds Black/Red ORDER NOW
  1. Merax Home and Office Seat with PU and Leather
Home and Office Seat with PU and Leather PU/Leather 25.5 x 25.5 x 47 inches 30 pounds Orange/Black ORDER NOW


Choosing good furniture is may lead to some depressing since it will lead us to many choices that you could find on the internet. Not all of them are interested and bring what you are needed. Some useless parts are inevitable, so make sure you choose the right one with your own needs. You really need on focusing the best part for you so you will never some unnecessary parts. The key is you just to focusing on the most suitable for your needs and not based on the higher point. The higher point is not the assurance you are going to get it. So there would be more of them with cheaper price, but the quality is not that bad. Researching on it is the best way to solve this case to make sure everything is working great. Once you start focusing on it. The perfect product would be easier to find since the range is little shorter. We really hope you enjoy this list and would help you on determining the best one.

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