Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair Fantasy Series

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair

Cheap gaming chair is not always really that bad. There are still some view points from people that make it so popular on gamers or normal users. That’s why nowadays this product is so popular around the world. Ergonomic seat is really popular among the businessman, gamers, or students because it so comfort to use for long hours in different sessions. This fact leads to people to prefer this one than any other similar product. Merax racing style gaming chair is another good choice for you because it is not only affordable but also it feels with so many rich features and useful stuff. Cheap modern seat is not well manufactured? It’s wrong because this one can prove it with its great material and durability. We prepare this review so you could decide that it is good enough or not. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

This product is called as the fantasy because the company wants to fit all the people fantasy for great looking furniture. The result is the high class design that you could find on here. every people’s fantasy was imagined on it`s beautiful design and nice pick selection of colors. You could find 2 combination colors pack into this thing. You could pick it based on your needs but I really suggest you to choose the black major colors with some white list because Merax racing style gaming chair looks so good on these two combinations. You will be fall in love with its great design. This furniture really prove that the cheap thing is not always looks bad.

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair 2

The furniture has racing style design like we could find on the racing car. So keep in mind that you are not going to find many features built into this one. But sure, there are many major features that would make your experience become much better than before. The first one is the armrests could be adjusted in both direction and height. The angle itself is wide here so you could expect some good position in different situation for your needs. Adjusting it is really easy and you don’t need any extra tool do it. Just use some power and you are ready to go. The material that is used is also not that bad like many other people said. For me, it is still good for this price range.

The second one is neck and back support. Sometimes I really needed a neck and back support so I could easily lean back in some occasional. This product is provided what I really need and it also coming with extra pillow. This extra feature would help you to lean back without the seat leaning back with it. To adjust it, there are car seat handle for adjusting it to your needs. I could say this furniture really satisfy me in term of features even with its cheap price.

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 20.5 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: Merax
Product Dimension: 48 x 26 x 10 inches


Performance and Real Life Usage

I have done some testing in these couple weeks to make sure that the product is good enough to be reviewed by me. I am actually so strict in choosing some furniture and because of that I put some criteria on them to make sure it. The result of my test for this one is quite good for its cheap price. I never find any problem on using it for long hours or adjusting the features. All of them are working perfectly without worrying me.

I have just notice that the armrests are little wobbly. It is not too annoying and you will get used on it on few days of usage. You probably will able to use it for long hours and even sleeping on it because you find it so comfortable without any flaws. This could be a consideration for you on choosing of it. Finally, I could say that Merax gaming chair worth every penny I spend on this thing because its comfort and nice to use.

Good back and neck support. The armrests are little wobbly.
Easy to assembly. The head pillow adjustment is limited.
Comfortable for long session usage. -



I was bit hesitant to review of this furniture since its range price is quite bit low, but after I have reviewed this gaming chair. I am so sure that it will be good enough not only me but also for the other users. The chair is comfortable and full with extra stuff that would be useful someday. You could try to change your old seat and considerably buy it.

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