Micca MB42 Review – Exceptionally Good For Budget Speaker

Micca MB42 Review – Exceptionally Good For Budget Speaker

Micca MB42 is exceptionally worth as the budget speakers in comparison with its competitor. The elegance body curves at the top and bottom giving a significant difference in term of appearance. First I am bit skeptical for its price and the name of company, but I have to change my point because everything is working good and not that bad. It’s even better than other products by placing 5 binding posts as the alternative for spring clips as the speaker connection. This thing is hard to find on this price tag. That is not the only thing that makes you satisfied, so we need to go deeper into it. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

Is This Any Good?

There is no one stopping on seeing this review because you would find some stuff that is mildly enjoyable. Few weeks ago I browsed a bookshelf speaker in case I want to give it as a gift for my friend’s birthday. He starting to be an audiophile this few months and I think it will be good to give him an audio gadget. I have seen so many overwhelming respond on it and make me wonder. Is this any good for daily usage? I have decided to buy 2 two of them and tested for a while. The first thing that I do here is putting them on my smaller room with the long wall. I also put some books underneath to give a right height for the sounds producing. I have started the music by putting the highest volume on 85db and it doesn’t feel that bad.

Micca MB42 Review – Exceptionally Good For Budget Speaker 2

It doesn’t feel bad at all and even my cat loves it. I did notice some of distortion on the highest volume level, but it happens every time on every budget speaker. The bass is pull and also rounded. You could reduce the distortion by letting the volume go down little and the noise would greatly reduce. One thing that I do to make it here is removing the toe. I am getting a better imaging when I removed the entire of them. I also get great dispersion from its little dome. This process is not mandatory, but you might be interested to test and that’s why I put it here.

You are able to enable or disable the sub if you want; it backs to you on deciding it. The whole experience is different if you decided to put this one. There are no longer any hisses sounds at the highest volume and it enables the deep vocal on much genre music that I have played. You also would get darker tone if you leave it disable. There are many things that you could try to make it better. The cheap price doesn’t mean bad at all.

Micca MB42 Main Specifications
Item Weight: 8 pounds
Mount Type Bookshelf
Manufactures: Team Wise Holdings Limited
Product Dimension: 6.5 x 5.8 x 9.5 inches


How Does 5 Ways Connection Speaker Affect That Much?

There is no huge different in term of sounds quality and bass performance. Like I said on the opening before, they replace the spring clips as the speaker connections and then placing 5 ways binding post as the main speaker connection. The only thing that makes it better is a more secure connection. It is not that much, but now you are able to attach spades, banana plugs, bare wire and even pins for connecting amp to Micca MB42. The feature is simple, but might be worth for many situations.

It won’t add extra power on the bass, but I recommend to place it near or along the wall to give slightly boost on the bass. I noticed a significant difference when I put it few inches from the wall. Keep in mind that it would worst to place too close the wall, so give some inches spaces for bass to breath. That’s the only option to enhance the bass, but it still not enough to fulfill the bigger room. That’s the only thing that you need to consider you want to place it in your living room.

5 ways binding posts connection. It doesn’t fill up for bigger room.
Acceptable performance for smaller room. It lacks on mid end sounds.
Classic and catchy design. -



The company keeping the price as low as possible, but they didn’t cut off some needed features on the bookshelf speaker. I think you should able to enjoy of your music entertainment in good way with this small speaker. There is not much surprising thing for the sounds performance, but it will be enough unless that you are a critical listener. Then, why don’t you check this one as soon as possible. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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