OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Racing Chair Review

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Racing Chair Review

OPSEAT is one few companies which is able to be best solutions if you are bored with many gaming chairs from DXRacer, Homall, and even Merax. Sometimes we really need something different and unique for enjoying our games. I see that Opseat’s Gaming Chair is so interesting to take a deep look on it. The company is relatively new, but they are able to get many consumers interested. I am not only talking about the price different here even though the price is cheaper with almost the same feature and the similar material. But they have few unique things that make it shine. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

What Makes It Special?

My first impression when the gaming chair first came out is really good. the product is arrived few weeks ago and shortly after that, I started to use it and decided to give my review about it. first, I started to open the box and hell yeah everything is fine here even though they are giving us a cardboard box that sometimes might be little unsafe nowadays. At least, they packed all of things good on the inside. The placements of parts are well organized and I found this case similar to what I see on the Vertagear or DXRacer. One thing that I love here, the company wrapped every part nicely and I didn’t found any small scratch and something similar on it. So I would give big compliment for the shipment because they really made it safety.

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Racing Chair Review 2

Now let’s talk about the assembling time. The overall process is only taking of my time around 20 minutes. This is probably one my shortest time on assembling gaming chair. You don’t have to worry of getting any tools because everything is needed already packed on the inside. The only thing that you might need is the knife or scissor. You might wonder why do I have to get a knife or scissor? Well the answer is because some holes are covered and you have to make it wider in order to fit the bolts. I don’t really know why this keeps happening every time I need to assembly my chair. The rest of parts are easy, you have to put the bolts into the holes, tightening it little and everything would be completed.

At this point, I need to say that the overall process and my first thought are well overwhelming here. The shipment is good and they also put great manuals and tools for assembling the chair easier. You won’t have any problem on even though you are new on this thing. For me, the assembling process is the one of many things that makes it good because the whole process is pretty good and easy. That is the biggest thing that the consumers always expect.

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Racing Chair Main Specifications
Item Weight: 51 pounds
Is assembly Required Yes
Manufactures: OPSEAT
Product Dimension: 25 x 21 x 50 inches


Tests Using The Chair

The first feature that I have tested here is the reclining functionality. The company said that it would be able to be reclined to 135 degree, but I try it more by reclining it to almost 180 degree and it works well. It looks weird because the position is not that good for playing games, but I have tested it to make sure that the feature is safe enough to hold our body on many situations. You just need to give some power and its ready to lean.

Much like similar new company, many of them needs to prove themselves, so the people will interest to see their products. Here Opseat leaves their mark by putting some enhance features in their affordable price. Adjustable armrest and support pillows are some of them, but the two biggest advantages that you can find here is softness when you are using it and the second one is the adjustable armrest itself. Personally, I really love those two things and it adds more comfortable on using it for many hours.

Up to 135 degree reclining feature. Some holes for bolts are covered.
Easy to assembly and setup. The stitching is wavy in some areas.
Comfortable with ergonomic design. -



OPSEAT could be the biggest competitor for DXRacer if they keep doing this good thing on their whole line up products. There is significant difference on the price tag, so they really need to improve their chair or OPSEAT might takes their place. There are many things that you will love here and you probably don’t need to worry about the durability and functionality features. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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