Polk Audio RTI A1 Speaker Equipment Review

Polk Audio RTI A1 Speaker Equipment Review

I always love of reviewing the lineup products from Polk. They always put the quality on everything, but with an affordable price. Different from other companies that not too frequently on updating their bookshelf speakers; Polk is the one that always broad and updates their lineup frequently. I always been interested on how they could bring such a good audio gadget with the price is still hanging at the bottom. You would be interested to this one since it has so many things that make it perfect for entertainment. I guess most all of you are having a good speaker that made from plastic, but what about from woods with classic design? Well, sometimes we need something different for our gadget and this one is able to provide that your needs. The design is classic and the sounds performance will surprise you. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this audio gadget. So we hope you enjoy it.

The Design and Setup

As from the first look, you would notice that it has classic design with cherry color. I guess this is what everyone wants for a good speaker with classic design. I love the idea to match between the MDF materials with cherry color. It offers us a very natural looks that fit perfectly for my environment. You are not going to have any problem on putting it on your living room. The weight of the audio gadget is only around 25.6 pounds and the dimension is around 11.5 x 12 x 7 inches. It is not too big and might be an easy to move it around. The design might be not too modern and not really fit with young style, but once you try it, you will love every single detail from it.

Polk Audio RTI A1 Speaker Equipment Review

Technically speaking, the bookshelf speaker is full with so many great features. It offers you a dual ported two ways speaker with magnetic shield. It is also included with 1 inch silk dome tweeters and 5.25 inches polymer subwoofer. Everything in the inside is very impressive if we compare it with the price tag. We really need to see the real performance of it. We are going to see it later on the next section, but now I need to show you the deeper look on it. I found that Polk is the only company that put real wood veneer on their products. It is a nice thing since the real wood is durable and you probably don’t need to change it for few years. I also discovered that it has DAHLI technology that they also feature on their premium series. DAHLI is basically six layers MDF separated design that is designed to eliminate the material coloration and prevent any internal resonance.

The set up process is pretty easy to do. You just need to plug the source power and the input. You could make it better if you are having Arcam A18 amplifier because it gives more power on the bass. Well the bass is already enough if you don’t need some serious power. For good positioning, I really suggest you to put it 1 meter from side walls. It gives you better experience on listening it.

Polk Audio RTI A1 Speaker Equipment Specifications
Item Weight: 25.6 pounds
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Manufactures: Polk Audio
Product Dimension: 11.5 x 12 x 7 inches


Listening Section

The design might be classic, but what about its performance on the classic music? Luckily that’s what I want to test for the first time. I tried to play some classic music and I found that the bass is well controlled and able to surprise me with the balance on it. The original sound produced is perfectly toward to my ear and it sounds so natural. It didn’t put any high bass power, but it is focusing on bringing the high clarity audio. The power bass quality is similar to what I found on the 6.5 inches and it looks very promising.

Then I decided to test some pop music, once again It delivered wide and holographic sound stage, but it lacks some detail and feels uncolored on highs. The highs sound is still acceptable even though it is not too great. I am so surprised that the lows and mids are great. I don’t really know if they are not too focusing on the highs, but the mids and lows are equally great. The overall experience is great and worth to try.

Highly durable and unique. It is quite heavy because of the material.
5 years warranty. It doesn’t have jack connection.
Crisp and loud sounds production. -



Polk Audio RTI A1 is able to provide the highest quality with an affordable price. it offers us a solid dynamics and impressive sound stage. The vocals are clean and very detail. You are going to love listening on it for many hours. If you are interested on the products that offers a huge bang for your pocket, then you should check it. At last, please make any comment if you have any question.

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