X Rocker 5125401 Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth

X Rocker 5125401 Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth

You probably love to spend of your times by playing games and watching movies on your gaming desktop. You want something that is not only convenient, but also comfortable as the companion. X Rocker 5125401 is actually the best companion for you on doing of your every single work. The company provided us the best comfort gaming chair with this one. This product is actually really shines on the market as the best choice. You may consider buying this one as the replacement. To make it easier for you to decide, here the full review about this product. So we hope you enjoy it.

Design and Features

The product itself features a design that looks so similar with its predecessor or its competitor. The design is looks simple by placing or combining the black as the main color and red color as an additional. This design is actually quiet decent even though we see it every time. By touching its surface you would know that the material is quite good and not feel so cheap. They decided to add the decent material to this product. In our opinion, this is a nice idea because it can make the furniture looks so great, but it doesn’t make the price is so high.

X Rocker 5125401 Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth

This good product is actually looks like a perfect gaming chair. This thing is happened because of its standard height and how you can easily adjust it. This case is important because every one doesn’t have the same tall and they also have the different angle height to make them enjoyable. So this one is really good not only for you but also for anyone uses it because of its adjustable height. The feeling of watching movies or playing games would never feel as good as this.

One of the greatest features is you can connect any multiple chairs so you can play games or watching movies with your fiancée or your friends. If you have familiar with this case, then connecting these cases would relatively easy for you. If not then the manual would really help you. You don’t need any extra skill to understand it because everything is explained very well. You could also finding 2 different speakers packed on the inside. The audio itself uses 2.1 audio technologies from AFM to make sure that you get the highest performance on the audio. You would feel like one of the parts of them.

X Rocker 5125401 Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Main Specifications
Item Weight: 49.15 pounds
Is assembly Required: Yes
Manufactures: Ace Bayou
Product Dimension: 33.9 x 40.6 x 23.6



There are so many great functionalities that you could find from nice furniture. For the audio, you can find multiple RCA outputs that allow you to plug any audio equipment including your Bluetooth gaming headset. So as long as it compatible with RCA outputs, you probably can plug everything on this input. For more enjoyable experience, you could also try swivel and tilting the arms so you are not stuck with the same angle or position. Being able to tilt and swivel are really great features to adjust the right spot based on our decision. This is what we like from this modern furniture.

The easy to use functionality is one of great factors that this gaming chair is different than any similar product. The height itself doesn’t come with restrictive area and even suitable for kids. Your kids probably would love to use this one because of its easy to use functionality. You just need to adjust the height and its ready to use. You will never this similar feature with another product with the same price.

Great packaging. Cheap RCA cable.
Comfortable to use with different height. The arm rests are uneven.
The upholstery is good. -



This is what every gamer need to buy as their modern desktop or console companion. You could enjoy every single of your wok easily on this furniture. For only couple hundred bucks, you would get the best quality product with polishing material. Polishing it to the maximal is not an easy task and need lot effort to do. But this company is really successful to bring all of those things. So it might be the best choice for you to buy this one.

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